Class Order Hall Followers 7.2.

Weekend was totally devoted to acquiring new Class Order Hall followers for my toons, and I've seen them for every class. It was a fun journey! So, here are the impressions. I would grade the questlines in three groups: Awww, Eh and Meh. The questlines are very similar: first you are sent to class-specific zone … Continue reading Class Order Hall Followers 7.2.

A Whole New World

...A new fantastic point of view (c) Actually, I would better quote the whole thing. Each and every phrase pretty much describes my thoughts about achievement Pathfinder II: I can show you the world Shining, shimmering splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide! I can open your eyes Take … Continue reading A Whole New World

Milestone: 2 Days Until Patch 7.2.

Patch 7.2. is dropping on EU realms on Wednesday, which means that I'll be largely exploring Broken Shore on Wednesday evening after work. We have two days to go. Are you ready? I am not. My chart says it all. Artifact Weapons I am at least fine with artifact weapons. We were supposed to have … Continue reading Milestone: 2 Days Until Patch 7.2.

Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part IV

Class Order Hall Campaigns With all the drawbacks of main zone questlines, class order hall campaigns easily win the prize. One of the "side questlines" (the other being Illidan's story), class order hall campaigns actually focus on defeating Legion. While it's still a question what are these mysterious Pillars of Creation and why we need … Continue reading Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part IV

Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part II

Dungeons Dungeons have always been an auxiliary part of leveling process and a step to gear up before raids. There were two important changes in Legion: First, it's lore. I think never before the dungeons were so much incorporated in the whole story. You could travel at Stranglethorn and meet a gnome who would like … Continue reading Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part II

Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part I

Now the first excitement has gone. We see how Legion works, and what to do there. We're all into some sort of this or that routine. And we had pretty much time to complete many goals. So it's time to give a review - as of five months into expansion, 2017 eve. Introduction - Pre-Launch Event … Continue reading Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part I

Progressing Through Order Hall Campaigns

Note: All pics are clickable and open large in new windows My current state is best described by the words 'almost there'. Like I said, my alt leveling is complete, my Explorer and Loremaster for the initial four zones are done for every alt, so I've deleted the character level, loremaster and explorer columns from my … Continue reading Progressing Through Order Hall Campaigns

Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

I've tried both. The post contains spoilers about Demon Hunter starting quest chain! Obviously all plans for a new toon are always ruined. I've scrolled through barbie faces of blood elves, their range of sophisticated, elegant standard haircuts... And it's not what I associate with a wild, mad Demon Hunter. At all. Kek. Meet Melaris! … Continue reading Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience