FFXIV: My Spring Cleaning Before Patch 6.35

Patch 6.35 is supposed to drop very soon, although there are no news yet on official Twitter channels. The most significant additions for me would be Hildibrand story sequel and the Manderville weapons upgrade, a new reputation faction – the Loporrits, and my first trade tool questline. This all will require time and attention, so I’m focused on clearing up the loose ends left hanging.

Crafting/Gathering. I’m happy to announce that my leveling journey is officially over! It took exactly 3 months from scratch for my three alts – trade job quests and stories, farming of resources, finding and correcting the best and the most efficient ways to level, and at the final leg – waiting out for leve allowances to accumulate. It was a super exciting journey, and I’m glad I finally took a deep dive in it. As for profits, today I’m selling out the piles of mats I’ve accumulated on my retainers on the leveling way, and then I’ll make a strategy. Crafted and raw mats seem like the most efficient way so far, considering time/effort spent and how fast they sell.

As for gear, crafters will rely on Ameliance/Anden weekly deliveries – about 2500 purple scrips which is enough to cover 2,5 jobs with tools. Yes, it’s time stretched, but I’m in no rush anywhere, and it’s very efficient way to gear up for time and effort. As with combat jobs, I’m not planning to have the best current gear ever or play the high end recipes game, so purple scrips would perfectly suffice for my goals.

Gathering is much simpler: the scrips currency comes from collectables which you’re allowed to gather every two hours in game time – that is, once in 5-7 minutes or so. It’s just enough to replenish your gathering points for the next effort, so it’s a very relaxing activity. You can watch some series or movie on a second screen, you have more than enough time to arrive to the next point – even with the give-in travels to Radz-at-Han to buy the next piece of gear which immediately pays off and speeds up the process of acquiring your next collectables. All in all, I can’t even tell it’s a grind – 3 hours, and you’ve geared your left side and all gathering tools to 590 – which is my final goal so far. I’ve two toons fully packed, and one to go. I guess I’m getting it done tonight, and just put it behind.

Reputations – are my primary gameplay activity today. It’s just the 3 easy, non-time consuming dailies per faction, but 12 in total, and three alts on this duty, so basically it’s my proper gaming session. Currently I’m doing Arkasodara, Kojin and Moogles on all alts, and as a forth faction, Namazu/Pixies. My main is bloodsworn in Il Mheg, but has yet to get her mikoshi flute, and the other alts are bloodsworn with the catfish, but are yet restoring the Dreamland. Once Loporrits drop down with all their carrots, it’ll be an easy feat to lay off on of the reputations for a while and dive into Mare Lamentorum if I wish so: basically, just a one faction priority swap. I’m doing them all in the end of the day, and no one’s chasing me with a burning stick, so.

Combat – I’ve remembered that my freshest alt, Styrgeim, has left the previous expansions’ raid streaks dropped midway in October. So I spent my weekend in queues and all the remaining encounters. Ivalice, NieR, Four Lords, Eden and Omega – done! What is left is to solo the coils of Bahamut to fill the last New Game+ gap, and she’s good as the other two. She also earned a great summoner transmog set from Eden on the way.

So, my activity roadmap for 6.35 is this:

  • Manderville weapon upgrade farming – whatever it will be – is the topmost priority.
  • Weekly: a raid run, Ameliance/Anden for purple crafter scrips.
  • Reputations: daily, whenever I have spare time.

It’s a very busy schedule for me in the game, and I glad I have it :) FFXIV is a lot less time-demanding than WoW, for sure, and yet not when you’re playing several alts and catching up for 10 years of content. I already have ideas what do next when I’m done with the grinds by Summer – and I’m not even into high end raiding, PvP and island sanctuary. Sometimes I even wish I could have more time to play other games, but routines that I set for myself are one of my happiest place in any MMO, so no complaints here :) Anyways, everything has its end, so the time for my purchases in Steam would come some day :)


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