FFXIV: Tataru, Euprhosyne and Trade Job Progress

Let’s start with the raid part, shall we? I figured out all Euprhosyne mechanics – and had to google just the fate cards and push back mechanic order on the council fight. Now I know them all and come prepared, my worst enemy is just myself (distraction, too much attention on rotation/hotbars rather than battlefield etc).

For my first run all my three alts went as physical ranged DPS to learn the fights, as their rotations require no casting time, they can hold back and have a better view at the field/more movement freedom, and so I could pay the most attention to the field and bosses. This week all alts went as melee, and it wasn’t bad either. My plan for future weeks is: casters > tanks > healers, by week five I’ll rehearse all encounters enough to focus on player hotbars and prepare my shields and big heals for the big booms.

The encounters are intense, fun and lighthearted, and this wing will be a mere pleasure to farm it until the next tier. Loving it! Can’t even say which boss is better, I don’t hate any of the mechanics, and I like dealing with all of them. Visuals and sountrack are a big extra treat as well.

Tataru’s Questline sequel is another addition in this patch that I almost missed. You pick it up in Sharlayan as usual, and off you go for a small walk-and-talk adventure. The pattern for the whole storyline is visiting places expansion-by-expansion, so this step happens in Stormblood places – particularly, Kugane and Ruby Sea. Like in Heavensward part, it’s not an all-star trip across the whole expansion, but you meet some familiar faces from a raid questline. The questline was amusing and fun, and I enjoyed it.

As Tataru extends her business to Kugane, the quest reward is naturally Far Eastern themed, and it’s a very cool oriental set which is a perfect match for samurai job:

It could be recolored, too, but I’m keeping the original dyes:

Now, as the next expansion is Shadowbringers – will we visit the First in 6.4. with Tataru? It would be weird though, as travel is hindered, and time runs differently in these stars, so by the time we could deliver the order, the merchants in the First will grow old :) I wonder how the writers manage it.

Crafting/Gathering: leveling trade jobs takes the most of my time, it’s very fun, and I’m making great progress. My agenda remains the same: I’m doing a massive gathering session, accumulating a ton of mats for every 5 levels, then I sit and craft through – gear for myself, leves and of course, job quests/deliveries.

I’ve finished with Stormblood step on all alts and now deep into Shadowbringers. My two alts have leveled fishing fast forward, so I could already do Omicron tribals with them, also I Ieved through cooking to 80 on both, as it’s a standalone job too. Miner/Botanist almost leveled to 80, I have a ton of mats, and now I would rapidly craft through.

My main has only done Studium deliveries for fishing up to 89, otherwise, she’s just sitting there at 80 and waiting for others to catch up, so I could focus on Endwalker final leveling leg on all three and leave the previous expansions behind.

Tribal Quests/Reputations: it’s yet another layer of the game that I would completely miss if I haven’t leveled trade jobs. It’s a big help with leveling – for example, I have accumulated 5 levels on every gathering job with Omicrons alone. Never chopped a tree or mined a rock in Endwalker’s main content areas, I don’t even know where the basic mats are yet :)

Obviously, I was making use of previous tribal questlines as well while they were giving experience – I progressed far enough with moogles, namazu, dwarves and qitari, and abandoning them upon expansion’s level cap, when your 600k XP for a daily quest turns into 1k. But it’s not gonna be the end of it. Once I’m done with leveling trade jobs, I’ll be doing all reputations to the end, and for many reasons.

I’ve spoiled the rewards to myself, and you can’t say no to mounts and pets they offer, so I want to have them all. I want access to all of the goods too – many are very handy, like furniture, dyes, housing objects etc.

As a lore addict, I also want to see all the stories – especially if they are that good. Mostly, tribes are hilarious, so it’s a mere pleasure to follow the major questline, help them out, and also deal with them during dailies – even their common quest texts are super fun. Besides, they involve this RPG element that I love so much: upon every next reputation level, the tribal terrain also improves visually, so you can’t wait to see what’s next!

I’ll be doing all tribal quests, including ARR ones, so that’s my next big mission after trade leveling. The grind is light: you can complete the whole available range of 12 quests in under 20-30 minutes, so apart from all other perks, it’s not time consuming at all, and reputation grows in a sensible and non-boring pace – not WoW’s months, for sure.

A lot of stuff to see yet, a lot of lore to dig – this game is fathomless.


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