FFXIV: Immediate Trade Leveling Through Leves in Heavensward

I thought that by reaching level 80 on my main’s trade jobs and 50-60 on alts I know how things and most effective ways work. I was wrong.

Of course, I used leves before – in fact, they firmly replaced any grinds by the time I arrived to ARR trade level cap. Grand Company Leves, Triple Turn-In Leves – I thought I squeezed the maximum effect out of them.

And yet, yesterday I tried Large Leves from the Heavensward levemete. It’s expensive by Allowance count (10 allowances per single leve), so probably that’s why I didn’t pick them before, like I’d probably better do several simpler ones. I was wrong.

I crafted three identical items for the one single leve. I gave them in.

That’s right, 52>59 for three simple, basic level crafts. If I managed to make all items of High Quality (one of them three was not), it would have been 60. The whole expansion per job leveled in 20 minutes of farming mats and 2 minutes of craft itself. Fascinating, isn’t it?

One more hidden thing: by leveling 52>59 I immediately get the access for all the story quests at levels 53, 55, 58 and 60, each of them an extra level or so. By them time I’ll be done with them, I’ll be at 64: having entered Stormblood leg and completed a couple of quests already there.

So: 12 levels in an hour.

The only drawback is: you need leve allowances saved for chain leveling trade jobs. As I understand, they tick in automatically by 6 allowances per 24 hours. Then again, you could get busy with other jobs (like gathering resources for the next expansion’s crafts), alts or activities and accumulate them for the next endeavor.

But all in all, this catch-up trick is just awesome :)


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