FFXIV: Crafting/Gathering Progress

Alright, so I’m on the steady rails now. There’s no rush, as I have all the time in the world to catch up with profession jobs, and yet the routes have been defined.

I think I’m leveling professions by 10 levels simultanesouly, alt-by-alt. It’s gonna be easier to track mats and all, excludes groans like “oh no, brass ingots again” – the past is in the past, and I will arrive by 90 with all three.

I’m trying to make the best of first-time bonus (except culinarian and alchemist, there’s a sheer grind of preferably one item for 5 levels), obviously doing quests, and if I have to grind, I prefer mats that are useful.

I’m making some modest collateral gil on the way – turns out, Weaver and Goldsmith are most productive so far, for making cloth and glasses for glams. Also, I remember how mid-level combat jobs are wanting for jewellery from dungeon drops, so I wondered why they were so expensive – that also could be a steady way for income. And I haven’t even opened housing craft Pandora box yet. But leveling comes first, I’ll play the gil game properly at level cap.

My current spreadsheet: I’m in my 30-ies. Level 30 opened a significant feature: desynthesis, which allows to save some mats. As planned, the next goal is 40 on all alts and all jobs, then 50, etc.

As for job stories (yes, they have questlines for every job): it’s a mere pleasure to deal with goldsmiths’ Serendipity, I like Geva of leatherworkers, Fufucha of botanists and that mi’qote from armorers for very different reasons. But the best of all is weavers’ sheer comedy, it’s amazing, and I can’t wait to see every next quest.

What do you know, leveling crafting and gathering is a super exciting pastime, so I’m even glad that no combat grinds are required today to distract me from them :)

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