FFXIV: Done with the Mandervilles!

Grinding for my last couple of weapons was sooo exhausting :) Of course, the near end was very much inspiring, and yet I forced myself to queue for the last couple of roulette rounds – partly because I’m deeply engaged in leveling crafting/gathering, and it seemed like a distraction, partly because I’m puking from roulettes already. Still, I made it: all 19 combat jobs are now covered until the next patch.

They are my highest ilvl items, considering I gear up in normal, non-challenging versions of the raids, so obviously it’s the weapon to carry. But what about glam value?


Dark Knight – a gorgeous blade! And as Styrgeim is a properly serious goth Roegadyn, she uses it fair and square, no question.

Warrior – this axe fits for those warriors that prefer barbaric glam, Lolo does not. Glammed over.

Paladin – I don’t like this dull metallic glitter, and it remains grey however you dye it. Pass, and glam over.

Gunbreaker – an awful size and boring shape, glam over.


White Mage – an awesome cane, a drop of dye, and it’s the best in the game so far.

Scholar – this tome is enormous, but beatiful. Wielding it.

Sage – not awful, but too chubby for my taste. Glam over.

Astrologian – on the contrary, too thin lines that don’t make a convincing shape. Glam over.

Physical Melee DPS

Monk – dragon/wolf heads are cool, but they embrace the whole arm. Glam over, I like some very simple cesti (Yda-style).

Ninja – these daggers will do! Nice ones, we’ll test how they look in combat.

Samurai – well, katana is katana, they all look pretty much the same, so why not.

Reaper – this scythe is just gorgeous. Again, totally in Styrgeim’s goth vein.

Dragoon – an amazing spear, intricate and beautiful. Weapon of choice.

Physical Ranged DPS

Dancer – not bad at all, using the original looks for now.

Machinist – mixed opinion. Not awful, but I have a better glam. I’d run with a Manderville look and see how it works.

Bard – definitely glam over. I like my bow look like a bow, not a harp.

Magical Ranged DPS

Red Mage – well, more or less same rapier/crystal looks across the board, as with samurai, works for now.

Black Mage – I’m loving it, wild enough and a convincing orb.

Summoner – almost the same vibe with Scholar, an enormous but intricate tome, great looks.


So, 13/19 kept the original looks – I’d say it’s not bad at all :) Was totally worth it, apart from actual ilvl upgrade. The grind was not too tedious, and I could have finished it a couple of weeks earlier if I didn’t slack, but hey, we’re here for having fun, right?

Considering combat before 6.3. – I’ll still be diligently farming Abyssos upon weekly reset days (3 hours tops), focusing on the “right” trinket side first. And I will need to cap Astronomy before patch – just in case – but this is not gonna be any routine, just a leisure dungeon run whenever I’ll need a distraction. All in all, the whole December will be devoted to leveling crafting/gathering on my alts. I decided I go expansion-by-expansion, and I’m too excited and engaged about this newly discovered part of the game. No distractions anymore, this is my only and primary focus.

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