FFXIV: Gearing Up Recap & Crafting/Gathering Addiction

My gearing journey is coming to an end. About two months remain until the next patch and raid where I will be able to farm and upgrade my “left” gear side (head-to-toes, no trinkets). And by this time I’m still clearing Abyssos. I’m doing great actually, there’s not so much left, although I might chain-farm chests and legs once 6.3. drops:

My goal is 605-610, as it will likely be the admission ilvl for the new raid (but if it’s 600, then I’m already good with all the jobs!).

I have almost all Manderville weapons collected too, just need a Reaper’s scythe, a Paladin set and Ninja’s daggers. I think that I will push it in the coming week, as I’m already tired of chain dungeon runs, and I simply want it done.

Another goal before 6.3. is to cap Astronomy Tomestones to 2000 once I’m done with the weapons – who knows if I need it? But this won’t be an extra effort, no: whatever comes during Abyssos until the beginning of January, and then I will clear the rest in a matter of a day or two.

Now, to a juicier matter: Crafting/Gathering. It actually takes the lion’s share of my gaming time these days, and it’s so highly addictive that I cringe when a dungeon queue pops up and distracts me from farming :)

I’m yet exploring the features, the ways, and in the process of optimizing the best ways and routes, so I decided I focus on one alt at a time. The others will follow the trodden path, so it’s gonna be way easier.

Too bad that my first plan seems to go to waste: I thought it would be enough to level a couple of selected crafting jobs per alt and support them with corresponding gatherers, for example, miner – armorer, or miner – goldsmith. Well: it seems, no. Crafting jobs in FFXIV are insanely supporting (and demanding) from each other, so you need mats and crafts from all of them. For example, if you’re a Blacksmith and need to craft a simple pair of daggers, you need to mine ores (of course), but you also need lumber for hilts… logs come from a Botanist, and Carpenter turns them into usable lumber. See? Four professions to advance in one, and sometimes more. They overlap, too, so Carpenter would need metal ingots in turn, but also mats from Fishing and Alchemy… In the end of all I quickly realized that being a jack-of-all-trades is the best way.

Of course, Market Board/Auction House is your greatest help, but of course you can’t have enough gil to level them all at a desired pace. And so my big leveling journey begins, alt by alt.

Ironically, crafting has always been a journey, not a destination to me, and FFXIV system fits it like a glove. The crafting (and gathering) process itself is so cool and varied. Every job has its own animation, crafting tools and stand (often more than one: for example, a Culinarian does some dishes operating a frying pan, and some with a culinary knife). There’s a wide range of actions how to improve your items, or to mine more, and this mini-game is not a no-brain.

Also, every crafting and gathering job has its own story, and you know how I can’t pass by a fresh piece of lore. I’ve completed all pre-requisite quests available for combat classes, and now the sequels just wait for me to level crafters and gatherers.

As for making money: the market board auction is pretty chaotic, and I’m still in search of what mats and crafts are worth giving to my retainers. I need some sales experience – or rather, stats – to make proper use of it. I’m not gonna dive too deep here: rather, making some money on the way, then we’ll see at cap level. Obviously, raw crafting mats and crafted mats sell best at beginner levels.

All in all: I’ve discovered such a big chunk of the game, I have 10 years of crafting/gathering content to catch up with, so I’m too glad I have an addictive reason to play FFXIV besides raids :) Not without spreadsheets, of course: here’s my initiate roadmap – which will likely be enhanced to full DoH/DoL job range per alt:

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