FFXIV: DoH/DoL in the End of All?

As I say in every MMO, never say never. FFXIV surely has high entry thresholds for some activities, and crafting/gathering have always been such for myself.

I’ve approached the peaceful jobs multiple times, and still found them uninspiring. It seemed like a ton of mats and unnecessary complexity to wrap around my brain, although it’s bound to be: crafting here is not a one-click, it’s a proper class to level with a ton of action buttons.

I decided I try to take it one step at a time: for now, I’m not bothering about actions and High Quality mini-game, and focus on leveling. My current idea is picking the recipe which requires least mats (normally it’s Conjurer/White Mage canes or Weaver’s spinning wheels), of the highest skill level available, and quick-synthesize them en masse until my inventory bursts and I receive access to new recipes and quests.

Gathering is a lot simpler (for now!), even if it also has multiple action buttons of its own, and I picked Botanist to support my lumberworks. Still, the game is pushing you to explore all profession jobs: I’ve met recipes that require mats both from crafting and gathering, so either it’s Market Board (auction), or you’re gotta be jack-of-all-trades.

I think I want to split crafting jobs again among my alts, and I don’t know about gathering: leveling is quite fast so far, so having your own supply is good.

Another thing that I shunned before today was retainers – your helping NPCs which perform a number of useful things – and the only means to sell your items at market board. I cobbled up one, and using an auction appeared to be easy and comfortable as a cake! I put my first items for sale, let’s see how it turns out :) I’m not planning to play the business man game, but why not sell extra items and crafted ones? I really need some income, as roulettes surely supply me with gil and I don’t really spend it a lot, but whenever I want some endeavor, like housing, or searching a new glam, or leveling craft, gil vanishes in a matter of day, barely leaving me with teleport allowance.

What’s the ultimate goal? I think I wish to explore all professions across my alts for exploration sakes, see the lore for DoH/DoL throughout the game, see their glams, and maybe earn some gil as a side bonus :) Yeah well, in every MMO professions for me are to spend gold during leveling, not earn it :)

2 thoughts on “FFXIV: DoH/DoL in the End of All?

  1. If you want to level crafting then i suggest 2 ways, one is Ishgardian Restoration, where you can level both gathering and crafting and get items like glamour, minions, dyes and other stuff.

    The other is delivering items, i forgot the name of this system, in Old Gridania you’ll find 2 NPCs outside shaded Bower, to the side of the door (X:14.1, Y:9.1) , where you can deliver crafted items, these usually don’t require a lot of mats and you get scrips for gathering and crafting.

    Both ways require a lot of repetitive work, i do it from time to time to level the jobs, i try to gather all the materials because i’m not spending Gil on them, too expansive, also i use some crafted items as a way to make Gil, glamour items can bring a lot of Gil :-)

    One more tip, you can visit other worlds where you may find items/mats cheaper in the Auction House.

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    • Yes, thank you :) I’ve unlocked all the pre-stories throughout expansions available for DoW/DoM classes, and I plan at least to see the lore sequels once I leveled crafters/gatherers.

      As for world hopping, it’s a lot of extra bother.


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