FFXIV: My First Patch 6.2. Weapons!

I nearly forgot, but 7 weeks have passed since raid tokens started dropping, and this means I get a 620 weapon for the “main” jobs of my alts this week! Miqo’te obviously gets a Dragoon weapon (and it’s my first job to cross the general 600 ilvl threshold), Lalafell decided she’s a Warrior main, so axe it is, and Roegadyn continues her quest as a Dark Knight.

I’m mature enough for heals in this tier, so now I include a healer run by all means at least in one of the four wings every week, on every alt. It’s super stressful yet, especially with wings 6-7, but super exciting as well.

Leveling is my major activity too. My Roegadyn now rapidly pushes Machinist to the top – 82 and counting. When I’m done, Summoner and Monk follows – also one-by-one.

No island activity – no time for that.

As for one-time quests: I’ve yet to complete Tataru story sequel, and I’ve also discovered a quest by Radz-at-Han palace – they send you to learn the stories of all the four fiends of the 13th – when the world was not yet engulfed by the Void! I’m savoring it until weekend – I’ve seen 1/4 of the lengthy cutscenes, and it’s gonna be great.

And a quick IRL recap: yes, it’s crazy times indeed, and no one in Russia is safe today – considering male population 20>50. The crazy dictator is very much ready to murder as many as possible to achieve his “goals” (whatever they may be, they change them on daily basis), despite everyone else realizes that this senseless slaughter war is already lost (and was lost as far as Spring), and recruiting more – unprepared! – people only prolongs the agony and multiplies senseless casualties on both sides. I don’t believe a single word from the officials, and despite that I tecnhically don’t fit any of the recruiting conditions (age, no combat experience, no combat specialty, no army service experience at all, multiple and solid health issues since high school which released me from obligatory year of service in the first place – and I didn’t become healthier since!), I don’t feel safe and sound or believe that I would be treated fairly in that case or by the law. The stakes are too high to gamble with the state and rely on rules they are changing every minute as they see fit, so I’ve undertaken some pre-emtpive measures for my safety before (and if) the Big Brother turns its eye in my direction – someday I’ll elaborate. The measures aren’t 100% proof (I didn’t leave the country for a number of conditions and reasons, and that’s the only solid guarantee we could have now in current conditions), but pretty much solid, and hopefully will be more than enough before the good guys win. Fingers crossed, tracking the news, gaming is our saviour in happiest or darkest hour both.

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