FFXIV: Reset Update

As expected, leveling slows down after 50 for a number of reasons. So, I’ve just managed Machinist, Monk and Scholar/Summoner through Heavensward, all jobs now hanging at 60 and waiting for another roulette level to be able to spam Stormblood dungeons.

Leveling through Duty Support has its pros and cons.

Pros: absent queue time, which is very important when leveling DPS jobs, and all loot is yours. By the time I braved another couple of levels, I came to the next dungeon with all jobs fully clad in previous dungeon set – up to my current level without spending a single gil. Don’t forget you also hone the boss mechanics, so on re-runs with others you can do the dungeon with your eyes closed.

Cons: it’s tedious, takes at least 1,5, if not 2 times longer than with players due to NPCs barely handling and/or wiping at a couple of pulled packs, not to mention wall-to-walls. And as you need a minimum of 4 or 5 runs of the same dungeon per job, Heavensward and on, this turtle pace grows old very fast. So, I don’t exclude taking a run or two with duty support, but the default choice is queues and players – unless you need all loot for yourself (glams or gear up), farming a specific dungeon.

When you’re leveling several jobs simultanesouly, it’s always a dilemma for me – either all keep up simultaneously (what I call “horizontal leveling”), or vertical leveling – focus on rapidly leveling one job through roulette and dungeon spamming, then switch to another after 10 levels or reaching a level cap. It was horizontal leveling up to this stage, so I can enter Heavensward raids now with all four, but I think I switch to “vertical” from now on. The reason is leveling pacing, which is slower now, so focusing on one job at a time would feel more rewarding. Besides, I’m in shortage of poetics to gear up all 4 for the next expansion.

Speaking of HS raiding: I’ve deliberately haven’t unlocked any normal raids or any alliance raids but Crystal Tower on my Roegadyn before. Repetitive as it is, it’s the fastest XP/time spent in roulette. Now that I have only DPS leveling left, I decided to do them for all expansions for the sake of collateral extra XP, extra gil and varying my leveling and roulette experience. Heavensward in under way, I’ve completed 2/3 of the Warring Triad, 3/12 of Alexander and 0/3 but unlocked sky pirates for roulette. The next expansions’ raids are due when leveling jobs reach them.

Abyssos today, of course. I’m comfortable with Sage I think, cleared Circle 6 today with it, and didn’t even hiccup. That would be it for tonight :)

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