FFXIV: Reset Day

Today’s the reset day, and I’m checking in with the past week adventures.

Raiding. I figured out every mechanic of all four encounters and how to cope with them. I can’t tell I’m flawless of course – hiccups and deaths do happen occasionally, but all in all I’m very confident about what to do, where to run, and what to mitigate – even green circles at Circle 7, swapping tiles at Circle 6 and jaws at Circle 5 are solved. The funniest moment was my Astrologian simply running off the platform into the void during a tree fight – I planned and tried to do the right thing, running away from AoE, but the direction of running was…. erhhh… not correct, half a turn. And I was too close to the edge to notice that and turn in time.

Speaking of Astrologian: I healed two encounters, just as planned – on Astrologian and White Mage. As a healer per se, I coped very well – a month of healing break did not affect me, I still know my kit and using it appropriately. But in the first month of the tier, when people are still learning the encounters with most punishing mechanics, it’s very chaotic and frantic. Normally, you’re dpsing boss and prepare yourself for the peak tankbusters and big AoEs, ready to react/prevent in time. Today, it’s a lot of unnecessary damage and deaths that players get, so I’m always on my toes – not a relaxing mode for sure, but quite exciting.

As of roles, tanks are the most relaxed mode of all. If you’re an off-tank, it’s basically a dps with excellent survivability which lets you to cope with the mechanics and not die a lot better than regular dps. If you’re a main tank, it’s almost the same, only you need to fix the boss facing out of the raid, and pop a defensive CD for an occasional tankbuster. DPS jobs come next, you’re squishier, but your death (if it happens) is not that critical as a healer’s one, for example. So a tank is my priority raid choice due to being a nose-picking experience and non-existent queues, healers – if I’m not tired and I want challenge and excitement, and DPS – just for the sake of variety and simply to play their rotations and job fantasy.

Roegadyn Job Leveling – it’s the core of my weekly gameplay, as the full set of raids takes maybe 2-3 hours on three toons. I finished with Sage, and trying Abyssos with it tonight. Now I have the full kit, and tested it in high level environment. One of the roulette encounters was Zodiark, no less, and I was paired with another Sage – we did it! For the last 3 levels, I did chain runs in Ktiseos and Aitiascope dungeons with NPCs, and it appeared to be very easy. Still, Sage remains at the bottom of my healers’ list. AST > WHM > SCH > SGE, in that particular order. Sage heavily relies on shields, one of them is a 2 buttons combo (often a critical delay), and severely lacks direct heals on demand, plus charges, which makes it VERY difficult to save people from unexpected damage, top them up, and yet have enough necessary heals for planned incoming peaks. Scholar, while also shield-centered and having charges, doesn’t have that problem.

Now I focus on three remaining jobs – Machinist, Monk and Summoner/Scholar. My usual routines here, chain dungeon runs (the highest available + roulette), job quests and hunting log. I’m at 44-47 leg with all of them, and upon 50 they get access to the full might of a dungeon roulette.

Bless Square Enix for adding a Duty Support option for earlier dungeons – the NPC runs are definitely slower than those with players, but given that all my jobs are DPS, the queue time is compensated. Besides, I’m grabbing a full dungeon set for all the jobs, so I’m always geared up accordingly. The only drawback is that certain non-MSQ dungeons are still bound to be run with people and queues – namely, Cutter’s Cry for 38>41, and Dzemael/Aurum for 44>50. And they added only 3 dungeons in Heavensward yet, so at least half of it and the whole Stormblood will be the longest leveling streak if I want to spam the dungeons like I do. It’s not that awful, of course, but it’s queue time, which is especially stretched and important in the early morning.

I haven’t had time to play with the Island Sanctuary at all – as leveling is a lot more exciting, and I want to make the most of it with my gaming time now. I think I would revert to islands when I have little things to do – as a lull activity.

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