FFXIV: Altoholism Has No Cure

Well, there’s no lengths I can’t walk for roleplay reasons. The next brilliant idea about my alts was to reschedule jobs among them – which means more leveling :)

Two reasons behind the decision: one, some jobs feel better with Roegadyn than with Miqo’te and Lalafell, so yes, roleplay. Two, and most importantly, it was a matter of time when an itch of glams gets me. As you can’t assign different glams on the same piece of gear on a click (except walking into a rare tavern every – single – time to apply glam plates), the jobs that share gear – for example, tanking ones – have to carry different pieces if they want to radiate job fantasy. And that means that one of the jobs will always be a couple of ilvl behind the “main” one. And three.. maybe I just like leveling? :)

Long story short, I picked a couple of jobs from both Lalafell and Miqo’te to transfer them to Roegadyn and level them there. It worked very well, as these transferred jobs break the coupled gear sets, feel better at Roegadyn, and it also happened that Summoner/Scholar both go there. Roegadyn now has 2 healer’s jobs, but Scholar/Sage is a perfect match and can wear the same glam naturally. The only paired armor type now is Paladin/Warrior on Lalafell, but I made the matching glam, so problem solved.

The current job map is:

And so my great roulette leveling begins! But not before raiding and capping Sage )

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