FFXIV: Fell Court of Troia on Farm

Outside of raid resets, I’m deeply in two major activities – Sage leveling and Fell Court of Troia dungeon gear farming.

Sage is not truly a disaster, but I severely lack major abilities in earlier content roulettes. The kit is simply not enough to bear with critical situations – especially considering the AoE heals. And yet I manage – in fact, the more stressful the situation is, the better and well honed you are, so I welcome the challenge. My last Wandering Palace roulette run – despite dropping the tank in one wall-to-wall pull (I was simply out of any option to save him) – deserved a specific praise from the said tank in the end:

…and also 3 commends from all the party members, so I guess my Saging is not that bad. I’ve leveled to 80, the last job quest and ShB role quest to go, then I head further to the top. I’m starting to feel mildly comfortable with the job, but it remains a struggle. The ultimate goal is to raid equally with other jobs, and that’s a long way to go yet.

As for raids, I feel like I’m ready to try healing upon this reset – Scholar, White Mage and Astrologian have not yet entered Abyssos, and I’m positive they must tomorrow. I know the encounters pretty well, and failing only a piece single mechanics – those green windy rings at Circle 7 always get me, even if I run to proper places. Otherwise, it’s only a lack of concentration that could get me killed, not that I don’t know where to run and what to do.

Outside of raids and Sage leveling, the bulk of my gameplay is Fell Court of Troia chain runs. It offers 595 gear, the one which surpasses the previous patch raids Aglaia and Asphodelos by 5 and 15 item level points respectively, so every item is an upgrade for me.

I’m surprised of myself, but this is insanely addictive, even if you’re doing the same dungeon over and over. I always run with Trust NPCs, not players, because all the drops must be mine despite the role and job. It’s 4 gear items per run – so the chance and income is really great. By the end of weekend I colored my gear map pretty green, the 595 items being Troia dungeon drops:

There’s more to come – alas, the random nature of drops will make it harder and harder. As you gain gear items, you render the same drops useless upon next runs, and so very soon I’ll be fishing out the remaining pieces, making every next run less and less fruitful… Still, like I said, the activity is so addictive that I may want to grind it even so.

I’ve mastered the dungeon – obviously, with so many runs – so that I can run it with one eye closed and watching some stuff at second monitor. Can’t tell that any job makes it impossible or painful to run, and yet there are some favorites – like Summoner, Warrior or Bard, which make the whole run easy and fast as a breeze. Just for the sake of variety, I might try healer, but all in all I swap to a new job after every next dungeon clearance – which provides this wanted variety, a whole new experience.

So, the agenda for the next reset week is the same: raids upon reset (now with healers), Sage leveling, and Fell Court binge runs until I puke… and after.

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