FFXIV: Pandaemonium Abyssos Story & Bosses Review (Spoilers)

As much as with MSQ, 6.1.’s story – Asphodelos – merely set the stage for future events, and although we defeated a 6.1. arc boss, there are more to come in the major arc as a whole.

To my shame, I must admit that I forgot several clues from the previous chapter – I have to recap them. First of all, a crystal/distress call that sent us to the journey – I thought it was merely an excuse to go to the past, so I waved it away. Now it appears there are more of them, and they matter more than that? Second, was it revealed in 6.1. or 6.2. that Themis holds the current Elidibus seat? If 6.1., then I pathetically missed that as well.

Anyways, 6.2. brings in Lahabrea and his family drama, which was very convincing and awesome. I liked both Erichthonios and Lahabrea character arcs here, and the revelation of this chapter’s villain – Lahabrea’s “evil” part, no less – and the one he made himself to get rid of corruption! Although, by expansion art I expected that this evil part would be more mad, like a crazy joker, in reality it’s almost grim and serene, confident in his actions.

Question is: what will be left for part 3? Is it Athena the main villain, and if yes, how would she resurrect, as evil Lahabrea is defeated, and Lahabrea/Erichthonios/Elidibus/WoL are all of one mind that she mustn’t rez? Anyways, Pandaemonium arriving right into our own present time and space is tantalizingly promising.

All in all, this while thing is shaping into a great story, and I’m emotionally invested in characters, their backround and “present” arcs. As normal raid questlines go, this one is definitely the best, followed by Alexander.


Fifth Circle: the proto carbuncle is easy enough. It’s fun to deduce where AoE hits, this wall mechanics splitting them is inventive and cool. What I’m miserably failing is this jaw thing – I know how it works, but I simply can’t get out in time yet, the circles are too big for comfort, and the punishment is certain death. Practice, practice, practice.

Sixth Circle: the serpent warder encounter is probably my favorite. The only thing that gets me is her quick spin with cone aoes – sometimes I manage, and sometimes I don’t. What I got here is: if you get hit by a cone, stay in place not to run into the next one :) Oh, and I did not figure out yet the system how the exploding tiles change? When they have binding arrows? Gets me every time.

Seventh Circle: the tree is the hardest boss in the tier (and upon first approach everyone exclaims Holy Fuck! – the boss design is awesome and creepy, body horror at its prime). All mechanics are very comprehensible, but plenty, the fight is long and exhausting, and they tend to overlap a lot by the end in most punishing combinations – so fatigue and lack of concentration is your biggest enemy. I’d say it’s Hippokampos of part 2.

Eighth Circle: like Hesperos, the final boss is relatively easy and requires a similar amount of reaction and proper legwork, but mechanics are crystal clear and easy to cope with. Weapon token farming would not be brutal, that’s for sure :)

Nah, they didn’t pull it off – alas :) Took the screenshot in case they did.

The learning of two alt runs went well, I’ve almost no questions about the mechanics. Styrgeim and Sanya are done for the week, Lolo follows today. 4 tokens + weapon per alt – it’s a long and exciting way to gear up. It’s a great boss tier, which will be fun to brave, learn and master. Not to mention visuals and music – every theme makes it to my playlist.

P.S.: I’ve earned my first non-trinket Normal item – the maiming helmet, and yes, it glows!


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