FFXIV: Last Minute Preparations

So, I’m glad to announce that my pre-patch goals are by and large complete :)

Main Story Questline: obviously, complete – and as far as Thursday.

Thanks to Dara from previous post comments – I’ve discovered a custom Party Finder which made my Meteion queue just 10 minutes and a first try kill ) The other dungeons and Hydaelyn I completed with Scions, this went light as a breeze.

Leveling done on both jobs: I completed the remaining 10 levels Reaper in two sits, although I had to spam Ktisis Hyperboreia for 87-89 leg with duty finder 4 times.

I covered Aglaia, Asphodelos and Newfound Adventure stories, paying specific attention to the finales – as we will get the sequel on Tuesday. Turns out, I completely forgot that P1 boss is our buddy for the rest of the raid streak ) 13th leaders and Zenos’ voidsent were just a vague ominous threat so far, no story lost there.

I’ve settled with glams for both jobs.

Dark Knight: much like with Dragoon, she acquired her perfect set as far as Heavensward finale, and her perfect weapon in Doma, and haven’t changed it ever since, even with all the options until 90 available:

I mean, Ishgard knows how to craft their knight armor, right?

Reaper: I did want something with open hands, but couldn’t pass by Ktisis Hyperboreia maiming set. the whole dungeon provides so cool “dark” sets for all jobs, so I’m just glad I ran it so many times and managed to grab all the vital stuff:

As for gearing up:

Well, I say it’s not bad! I farmed Limbo gear in one sit yesterday, and acquired tomestone weapons on the way. I DO wish I farmed chest pieces for both alts, but gods of RNG were merciless: 5 latest runs were without drops at all. Maybe it’s what I do tonight.

Reaper as a job is satisfactory, flashy and very mobile, with a super fun Enshroud burst. Only they put in Combustio spell at level 90 – I figured you must always save the final Enshroud stack out of 5 for it, and that ruins the whole thing big time, cause instead of merry vicious slashing you need to be counting them. Or is it just for ranged situations? Apart from that, it’s ok. Oh, and I’m not a too big fan of AoE – powerful as it is, but it requires jamming into the center of the pack to provide a debuff, then to roll out and position yourself carefully for your cone nukes – that super annoying when your cones miss some or even half or more of the packs, plus this extra movement. What I would change is either all AoE were cones, or all AoE were roundhouse, not a mix of two.

Well, basically I’m ready for Patch 6.2. What is left is to finish the EW role quests (that’s why I made screenshots at Costa del Sol) and maybe farm chest pieces from Asphodelos if I have time tonight. See you on the other side – patch reviews incoming! I plan to cover MSQ, new raid and island sanctuary in separate posts.

P.S. Oh, and just for statistics: I rolled this alt on July 29, and on August 21 she’s done with MSQ and geared up. So: just 3 weeks of speed leveling from scratch if you need an alt for roleplay or other reasons :)

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