FFXIV: Achievement Names Are Theme Songs!

I noticed it first in Stormblood, but it’s more prominent in Endwalker, as in Stormblood “The Measure of His Reach” was alternating with other, non-song lines. If you read Endwalker questline achievement names – the ones that are given for finishing a story chapter – they make a song lyric together.

Someone conveniently looped this brilliant piece from trailer. The lyrics in this part is two verses, here goes:

Our song of hope, she dances on the wind higher, oh higher
E’er our vows endure, and remain forever strong
Standing tall in the dark do we carry on

On wings of hope, you rise up through the night higher, oh higher
Carrying our song, cradled fast within your arms
That its chorus might ring for all

The thing which is most fascinating, that these lines each perfectly fits the chapters! Enjoy this observation, if you haven’t noticed it before ^^ See you on the other side of Endwalker patch 6.2.!

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