FFXIV: Almost There?

I figured out that in my case Aether Currents progress panel is the best way to check in with overall MSQ progress, so here goes:

That’s right, today I’m trying to cover Elpis and delve into Labyrinthos as far as possible. By weekend, I expect MSQ and Dark Knight leveling to be complete, and maybe dig into current raids to rapidly collect farm Limbo gear on just two jobs and save some gil.

Endwalker has its flaws, for sure – new types of quests for one. The “follow an NPC without getting noticed” is the most annoying one, although I managed Urianger on the Moon and Garlean boy for aether current without failure this time. Another type is making a Scion follow you around, but as I discovered that you can use aether crystals in a city without losing your companion, it’s a breeze. The third one is Into the Cold – the Garlemald final story quest and solo duty. This time I made it wise and just immediately died, to restart with a Very Easy difficulty.

Zodiark still remains insanely hard and long encounter, we died once, and survived the second only due to a RDM rezzing a healer and then healers using limit break. I still have Hydaelyn and Meteion to brave. Hydaelyn I would do with Scions, cause I can follow Y’shtola and avoid most of the crap, Meteion will be brutal as always, as it almost never drops in a duty roulette, and effectively I defeated her maybe 3 times total. Story dungeons – I do with NPCs now, going quite fine – apparently they fare better in Endwalker than in Shadowbringers. I even managed to pull 2 packs in Vanaspati, oh my. Dead Ends and Alzadaal’s Legacy were farmed to and fro during Expert roulettes, learned to a T, so that would be a breeze.

I’m always being 2-3 levels ahead of the quest level requirements on the main job, so no delays here. Reaper is slowly catching up, I hope I manage to complete at least leveling until Patch 6.2. – maybe some chain dungeon runs would be in order, we’ll see.

All in all, still a lottery if I complete all my goals, but it’s too exciting to head there!

My other 2 alts are ALMOST parked – I ran Aglaia with Lolo as Ninja to win her final piece in this tier, and Sanya’s final raid run remains – I’m going as Samurai to get a piece for SAM and MNK.

And yes, my moogle event is over :) I got Bomb Pallanquins for all alts now, so this part is done.

3 thoughts on “FFXIV: Almost There?

  1. Have you considered using Party Finder for your MSQ trials? Since moving to Materia (the Oceanic DC) a big PF culture has evolved since we just don’t have the population for people to queue for things. People post for MSQ progression, a bunch of people join within a few minutes, we all help people progress their MSQ and get a first time bonus too!


    • I haven’t had that in mind at all, thank you! Wish I did when I crawled through Shadowbringers on my first two alts, for DPS it was sometimes an hour or even more. Now current alt is queueing as a tank, and queues even for Hades/Elidibus were like 10 minute tops.

      Well, I can handle 20-30 minute queue as it’s a one-time thing, and I have basically 1 trial with people left. Could use this advice for Meteion though, as it’s a non-leveling boss, so collecting people from roulette could be challenging.


      • Honestly, I do one or two The Final Day(s) from Party Finder most days. It’s a fun fight with great music, it’s fun seeing people do it for the first time, and I usually need to top off my Wondrous Tails second chances anyway! People list “MSQ progression, first time bonus” and I’m in. I think you’re right that Trial Roulette catches the other MSQ trials but not The Final Day.

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