FFXIV: Shadowbringers Done

I’ve blasted through the expansion in 3 days of gaming sessions. As always, it was cool to replay – I think this is where FFXIV took its final form. Rock-oriented OST and main themes with superb Jason C. Miller on vocals, more grave and tragic story, sheer epicness – all the treats that remained throughout Endwalker as well.

I still feel that the final boss of the expansion’s main story is Elidibus, even though Hades finishes the eponymous “Shadowbringers” quest of 5.0. It just feels like the same narrative from 5.0. till 5.3. and return to the Source, undivided.

Duty roulette queues is the main obstacle on later levels, even when you’re a tank – there’s simply less people leveling rather than at beginner’s dungeons. Luckily, we have Scions to form an NPC party, although they’re not that cool. Whatever I do, I have to pick trash pack-by-pack, and it’s tantalizing long. Healers – Urianger and Alphinaud – can’t hold you when you get two packs, and tanks tend to die with two packs. DPS like Y’shtola, Ryne, Alisaie seem not to be using AoE, so the fastest way of doing a dungeon with NPC is to aggro a single pack and mow them one by one with single target combos, otherwise it takes ages.

My all-time NPC idiot is Alphinaud. I mentioned already how he managed to die at the first 20% of final Mt.Gulg boss, leaving us healer-less for the remaining 80%. I managed, but this was a stretch. Well, I form an NPC party for Holminster Switch, I’m very positive that I have all the aggro on myself – aaaaand Alphinaud dies on the first trash pack to a perfectly avoidable AoE. I will never pick him again.

My Scion dream team is: Graha Tia is a better tank and less squishy than Thancred, Urianger is a healer-to-go, Y’shtola and Alisaie are DPS (Estinien is quick with using Limit Breaks, so that’s an option in EW). Y’shtola also has that perk of never, ever failing boss mechanics, so if you’re unsure where to run, observe and follow her, and you survive :) Outsiders: Ryne for feeble damage and Alphinaud for being a noob that always dies on trash and bosses on his own :)

I saw DRK questline finale – besides an epic pose and an epic vista, I’d say that the whole questline 50>80 was one of my least favorite among combat jobs. No characters I really rooted for, and also quite miserable aftertaste. I liked the general idea though, that darkness in Dark Knight is not granted by void or some other hellish dimensions, it’s your own inner self – and which you release and give in to surpass the laws and protect the innocent by punishing the baddies.

Anyways, now I have a week until Patch 6.2. – in a perfect world, it’s Endwalker 6.0. and patch 6.1. story content, Reaper also at 90, and who knows – maybe even some current raid runs to gear up both jobs a bit.

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