FFXIV/WoW: Community Difference

My fresh leveling toon finished Titania in FFXIV. Nothing special of the act itself, it’s an arena-style raid boss, required to advance through MSQ (Main Story Questline). So everyone that made it past level 73 killled it at least once, and so had a chance to receive it in duty roulette when leveling alt classes.

The reason I’m typing this is: player approach to wins & failures, and toxicity towards fellow players.

I went as a tank (Dark Knight), and Titania being not the raid boss that pops up frequently, I failed it miserably – as I did it maybe twice at all, and never as a tank. The trouble mechanics is: Titania summons three ent-like tree adds twice per round, and your two tanks have to handle two. Before I knew it (I tanked exactly the third which required no tank attention), ents decimated the whole party with myself last-man-standing, and this was it.

WoW-reaction in this situation of a random party? Half-party leaves, the others blaming tanks (and others, just for the round count), suggesting them to check out youtube guides before queueing and/or deleting the game. FFXIV-reaction? One message into raid chat which 2 of 3 adds require tank attention, and their upgraded versions as well. Boss went down on our try number two.

Before that, it was a Dohn Mheg dungeon. I also tanked it, and was perfect at knowledge of trash and bosses. At least 2 players from my party were not, as they watched all the cutscenes and failed some basic mechanics – the normal sprout behaviour. We wiped once: at the coeurl boss which needs 4/5 enhancing beams body-blocked by players, or the boss gets buffed and swipes out the dungeon party.

Guess what? No shaming again, we explained that the beams need to be blocked, and when someone said “idk how to do that”, 2 players (incl. me) explained it in different words. Boss went down perfectly.

Moral: a little bit of positive reinforcement does wonders. The players not only succeed, but remember this experience as educating, never fail this mechanic again, and everyone is happy. I wish every game community employed that approach as a status quo.

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