FFXIV: Reaper!

Styrgeim doubled on dark stuff and rolled a Reaper immediately upon 70 :)

I’ve played Reaper before on my Lalafell, so I’m familiar with the RPR rotation basics – simple and flashy enough to enjoy the job. Too bad I haven’t thoroughly explored its current level yet: MSQ is reserved for Dark Knight, and roulettes I’m running to keep up are mostly Main Scenario/Crystal Tower which allow a castrated number of abilities. Still, the goal of my Reaper is to shine at endgame (and maybe a dungeon or two of MSQ when I’m too tired for tanking), so no worries.

Anyways, leveling both simultaneously today, both at 73 – DRK through MSQ and RPR through duty roulette. And yes, Stormblood is done, and I’m already deep into Shadowbringers – about to meet Ran’jit and go to Il Mheg after :) Go Roegadyn!

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