FFXIV: Farming Done!

There, Hesperos went down for the last time tonight, and that concludes my gear farming in this tier. The only thing left is another stroll to Aglaia upon Tuesday reset, and my flaghsip 2 alts are benched until patch 6.2.!

Here’s the gear sheet of a casual FFXIV raider, I think I did very well:

The black 580 slots is what I did not managed to replace from Aglaia, but I did not skip a single week, so this is the reality. One more slot to be covered during reset run per alt, and then I recolor the whole sheet in black – waiting for the next tier :)

This tier – my first current normal raid and alliance raid of 6.0. and 6.1. – was super fun. I did not like the story of Pandemonium a lot, maybe that would be fixed enter Lahabrea, but encounters were amazing. My favorites are circle 1 and circle 4 bosses, Phoinix of circle 3 is very cool if not for the telegraphs’ color matching the floor, and Hippokampos of circle 2 is a sheer pain that is challenging and very satisfying when boss is down.

Aglaia is perfect in every sense – the very lore of challenging the twelve deities (one of them you pick as a patron on character creation screen, no less!), the beauty of the raid, the encounters, the spirit rising music and bright, god-fitting environment design, and In the Balance music track immediately makes it to top five of FFXIV all-time favorite themes upon the first chords.

I can’t pick my favorite boss here – each of them are so cool by encounter and room design, have a perfect balance of riddles, legwork and all other mechanics to have fun with. Can’t say I hate any phase out of four bosses, and even trash is just symbolical, not the throngs to mow down. It was so endearing to master the mechanics to perfection and execute them without extra thought.

Lorewise: I’m very eager to see all the next deities. Obviously, every god and goddess of the pantheon has its theme, element, and all that – so it’s very easy for raid designers to go wild and imaginative. One more thought: the final boss of wing 1 is Nald’Thal twins, the patrons of Ul’dah, so I expect the patrons of Gridania and Limsa Lominsa to be the final raid wing bosses as well :) And I’m excited to see Ishgard’s Halone most of all.

Well, two alts are now done with the tier, and now I can devote my full gaming time to the Roegadyn – MSQ on Dark Knight won’t do itself, as well as Reaper leveling!

P.S. I’m done with Moogle event too. I did not push too hard with farming and wanted to grab just one mount – the Bomb Pallanquin:

I mean, it’s so awesome, that I also purchased it for miqo’te alt. No, seriously, just look how your character grabs one of the chains not to fall :)

Cherry on top, it flies very smooth and has an awesome vibe, so it’s my mount of choice from now on.

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