FFXIV: My Pre-Patch Fuss

Suddenly, there’s so many things to do before pre-patch that I’m spread really thin. Within 2 weeks, one weekend off gaming for a Summer trip, I need to do so much stuff on all alts!

Lolo and Sanya, my flagship alts, both have last minute raiding to do. Obviously, a couple more weekly Aglaia runs for a couple more pieces – whichever I’m missing, doesn’t matter which job at this point, just making it Limbo > Panthean.

With a little help from my fellow bloggers in Kaylriene’s post comments I’ve discovered that my plan for 6.2. of upgrading weapons is actually NOW. Turns out, since 6.18. Asphodelos weapon tokens can be farmed indefinitely without weekly gating, just chain-queued, and so there’s no better time but now to prepare for new patch and leave the previous raid content well behind when 6.2. drops.

Last week I required 40 kills of boss number 4 to acquire 590 ilvl weapons for 10 remaining jobs, now I have 19 runs left. It’s not that big of a nuisance, encounter+queue taking no more than 10 minutes, yet it has to be done. Thank God my astronomy tomestone farming (the currency for purchasing weapons) was done in advance, so I just need to get about 300 per alt to cover my needs – that’s only a couple days of daily duty roulette.

Mind you, even with all the new popped up farming, it’s still a very relaxed, not time-demanding raiding plan for two weeks… if not for my bliss and curse – leveling the third alt!

Of course, there’s no rush, and nothing that can’t be done after 6.2., but I’m so engaged and invested in my Styrgeim the roegadyn that she is milling the miles of MSQ like a freight train. I’ve arrived at Peaks South of Stormblood questline already, and with that pace the goal of completing current MSQ on Dark Knight AND leveling extra 20 levels of Reaper to level cap doesn’t seem impossible today, so I’m heading there at full speed!

My approach is to level as fast as possible, so I’m skipping unlocks for extra dungeons and raids that aren’t MSQ now – well, THAT could be done later. The only thing I do is plowing through MSQ, skipping all the cutscenes, doing job questlines and unlocking flights on the way – cause I need them badly, immediately in expansion patch content to speed it up. Almost never stopping for major cutscenes – I watched only Papalymo’s last stand & Omega/Shinryu fight, the attack of dragons on Ishgard bridge, and introduction of Zenos – the mocking singing of Ala Mhigo anthem with words changed for Garlean Empire is too precious to skip.

Dark Knight is a cool tank, and I do not understand why people are normally so bad at playing it during leveling. Judging as a healer, DRK in party almost always meant a headache and always being on your toes. It has a simple dps rotation, awesome AoE to grab and demolish trash, its basic mitigation kit matches those of other tanks – so there’s nothing there to drop your health so drastically compared to others. I do not feel like I need to pull less – on the contrary, I’m doing my best of playing bolder and trying successful wall-to-wall pulls – no deaths so far on dungeon trash or bosses at all, except for one case where healer got distracted and admitted it himself. All in all, a badass and convincing job, which I would gladly play in every content. Not to mention that solo duties during leveling are easy as a breeze.

Now I’m 70, and I can grab Reaper, and I think I might weave in roulette leveling too so that they came to 90 simultaneously.

Whew, my ambitions are great, we’ll see how I manage!

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