FFXIV: New Content Patch Incoming

One week from now, it’s 6.1. – the first content patch of Endwalker. Am I ready for it?

Well – yes and no. Yes – because after you finish Endwalker’s main story, you’re already quite geared and met the requirements to take on the next main story quests, and that is done on both toons. No – because there’s a ton of stories and content to see yet and catch up with that I did not manage during 4 months – or rather, since I began playing in June.

I was not idle, for sure. All side quests, from starting cities to Ultima Thule and Sharlayan/Radz-at-Han, are completed on both toons. I ran almost all the group content at least once – from Sastasha to Asphodelos – and saw their stories, even if I need to complete it on both toons. The only raid left is Bahamut coils, and I’m stuck at the second round boss where I will need a self-healing job (coming!). Considering story, it’s basically this stage now:

Yes, considering story, I have Hildibrand left (already started working on it! Gilgamesh part done), Bahamut coils and most of the role and job quests from both Shadowbringers/Endwalker. It’s a ton of story to go yet, and I think I would take a break for 6.1. content, then resume – no rush here.

Hildibrand quests appeared to be as advertised, a very silly, hilarious slapstick comedy for comedy sakes. I totally understand why everyone loves it, and I had my share of laughs myself (the bomb episode in Southern Thanalan and bald guy were especially hilarious), yet it’s a bit wanting for my taste. I’ve nothing against the style (I like every type of funny stuff, from poop and 1950s cartoon jokes to high class British and wordplay humor), yet slapstick is all about the dynamics, the speed, quick change of frames and scenes, and while there are definitely episodes that fit to a T, there are also many overstretched scenes. For example, you’ve shown us a silly face expression or guys running after each other, cut to the next scene immediately – yet at least ARR part tends to linger, and that spoils the impression to an extent. In short, I have no beef with the writers, but I have one with cutscene directors.

I’m hesitating about Shadowbringers role quests – of course, I’d play them all, but physical DPS questline was moderate at best. Sure, the Andreia story was neat, but Lue-Reeq was asking for a bump in the head throughout the whole thing, so annoying, and nursing him was something I absolutely hated and absolutely didn’t ask for. I’m not your mom or your therapist, dude! Tank, healer and magical questlines left to go, I’m sure they will all be different, but still.

But, Shadowbringers also has class/job small quest closure once you’re done with the role, and these are absolutely brilliant. I’ve seen 4 quests on Sanya’s 90s: Dragoon, Samurai, Dancer and Monk, and I loved them all. Such simple and quick vignettes that give closure and touch the deepest strings of the soul, finalizing your experience with the class tutors – not to mention the most spectacular cutscenes for every job:

Endwalker, on the other hand, excels at its role quests, and I’m so eager to see them all. I’ve played through the Doma part of ranged physical DPS and Ishgard part of magical DPS. If you thought you’ve seen every closure possible during those expansions and Endwalker, well, you’re so mistaken. All of these questlines ultimately solve the remaining countries’ lingering problems from before – yes, there are some left! – address how the nations will move on after years of conflict and strife, and both the questlines I’ve seen were deeply moving and inspiring. Gridania, Limsa and Ala Mhigo to go, can’t wait till I’m there. Cherry on top, it’s an extra 2 mil XP which will come in handy during leveling, and I wish I knew that in advance!

Sidenote: if you played through the Doma story, you probably know what one of the next expansion’s new job will be :) Gosetsu as a tutor for an eastern-based healer! Wielding a staff like WoW’s mistweaver monks did, and operating some hieroglyphic pieces of paper. I wonder if they spoil more jobs in the remaining questlines?

So, long story short, there will be still a lot of stories to play beyond 6.1. from previous content, and I’m just as excited about them.

Endwalker 6.1. Story Expectations

As for Endwalker 6.1., it’s no little patch, and I’m quite excited. There will be a huge main story chunk – which will take a day or two to complete, judging by experience, but super important. After all the closures of Endwalker, it is bound to pave a new path for the upcoming expansion. My biggest guess is it’s gonna be New World (based on native american culture) and/or mysterious Meracydia – not sure if it’s gonna be in this patch already, or later, but I’m positive that some natives will start arriving in Eorzea during Endwalker and explain their woes about the next expansion.

Then there’s a couple of side questlines – something with Tataru and a sequel for Hildibrand’s adventures, that’s why you can’t put off the previous chapters, it’s time to play through them. And the new 24-player’s alliance raid wing. As I was not excited about Asphodelos gear enough to farm it (just don’t see any of my jobs donning these sets), it will be interesting to see if the new raid offers something interesting.

Alt Job Leveling

And, in the remaining week, I’m still short of a significant chunk of levels for selected jobs:

As you see, I’ve made a huge progress, happy with it, and yet if only I had another two weeks to complete the leveling :) Well, whatever, I’ll be there, and it’s not like somebody’s waiting for my healers or tanks to be at 90 and storm the raids – only me :) No rush again – I already have more than enough jobs ready to experience the new content and in different styles if I wish so – at least on ranged or melee DPS, with options to pick from.

Long story short, there’s no any real pressure, and I’m very eager to see what the new patch brings. Obviously, new content and story comes first upon patch day, and then we’ll resume our routines. I’m quite excited about the upcoming adventure which is no small chunk of content – and I still have a lot of adventure on my hands already despite all the effort, the perfect state of the game in my camp.


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