WoW: Sylvanas Fate

The meme is of my own making, but you’re free to repost it :)

Alright, I give Blizzard some credit – the issue of Sylvanas was resolved not without an elegance. Of course, execution has no place in game – it’s what the bad guys do in media, and it was never truly an option. The time of heroic sacrifice has come and gone, and frankly it would have been too easy of an outcome.

This atonement activity really fits the crime – or crimes, it is adequate, and it really addresses the crime itself. Nuff said, for once Blizzard spoke the truth: when we learn of her fate, we would be content. Seriously, no stretch here or trying to invent a better outcome. Tyrande stayed very, very bitter, as she should have. The only thing that bothers me is: where was DEHTA when Tyrande condemned her pet owl for the eternity in the Maw?! Of course, it’s a magic owl, not exactly a living one, but still.

And, in their wisdom (I’m almost not sarcastic), Sylvanas was put on the shelf much like Sargeras, ready to emerge whenever the plot needs her – for consulting or in dire need.

I “stayed awhile and listened” to all the dialogues. Nothing really important there, but it is strange that Anduin wants to stay in Shadowlands to deal with his PTSD. It’s not like he’s capable to fix or even help to fix anything, everyone understands he’s been a pawn, and he does not even need to apologize. There are no confidants or close friends for him here either, no places of interest or meaning to visit – the healing should happen at home, far from this crappy lands. Oh well, whatever suits him.

Well, what can I say? Blizzard clearly painted themselves in the corner with the whole Sylvanas arc – starting from Warcraft 3. Until Cataclysm, she was one thing, a victim turned against his tormentor, a very sympathetic character to follow. Cataclysm and on, a fiercely genocidal leader who tolerated Horde at best and sought to strengthen Undercity influence in Lordaeron and replenish the Forsaken ranks at whatever cost, by horrible methods (Southshore remembers), but at least quite understandable. Legion and on, whatever the fuck and the mess that was – a rollercoaster of unexplainable actions and motives, and changes of character which eventually served to no ends.

Until Legion – and even through its Broken Shore opening cinematic – I have no questions about the character. Starting with her Stormheim hopping, the whole character, her consistency went to ruin and led to where we are now. Blizzard painted themselves in a corner, truly – with different colored paints and patterns, chaotically, but at least they managed to leave this final spot where they found themselves untainted.

In a wider review, this was officially the worst expansion by lore, and I wish it never happened. Masterfully (as usual) was executed the leveling content and the sequel covenant arcs, but the whole major expansion arc and its villains seem like they were written by 5 year olds, sitting in different corners of the room and not allowed to communicate with each other. Whatever they scrapped was brought together and thrown into a bowl, without any attempt to bind the narrative or making sense. Like I said, anyone, literally anyone – visit your local grocery and ask a random person to make a story – would cope better.

I do play WoW for lore, being a fan of the universe since 1990s’ RTS, and I don’t ask much here – a simple, epic story about heroes and villains. We don’t need any Game of Thrones or FFXIV depth and twists, LotR style would quite suffice: here’s a big guy doing bad things to our lands and people, hit him with a stick :) WoW drifted into the open seas where it does not feel well, it is sea sick, it puked all over our boat and clothes, and I think it desperately needs back to the roots, to the shore and the firm land under its soles.

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