WoW: Out of the Blue (Pun Intended)

Oh well, I played through the Shadowlands finale – at least the questline achievement.

There’s nothing any special to say, except that it was one of the most uninspiring and bleak story beats in the whole game – moreover, it’s an expansion finale, no less. All stretches aside (Argus? Dreadlords? Pocopoc, ffs? Cyphers? Whatever?), the whole thing was cobbled up out of bits and pieces without any sensible and/or significant lead-ins.

Pelagos came out of the blue, pun intended, and it could be literally any character in his place. But I guess they picked him for the sake of diversity. It’s never mentioned in the game, but he’s a transgender soul, or so I heard. I have nothing against any minority put in Arbiter’s place, it’s just he did not get any, literally any lead-in for this role as a character throughout the whole expansion. Could have been Lady Moonberry, Cudgelface or whichever character without any bother or loss of logic, because there’s been none in the first place. They just didn’t care!

Oh, and I had to screen THAT, it’s the actual current level of WoW writers:


Rumor is, there will be a bonus chapter of Sylvanas case? I’d see it – can’t walk away without Tyrande and Sylvanas walking hand in hand into horizon. Otherwise, I’m done with this crap. Not a single desire to even queue and see bosses, one wing was enough.

6 thoughts on “WoW: Out of the Blue (Pun Intended)

  1. Glad to see you’re still with us. Made me actually log into Twitter to check how you were doing. Have to say, you got further than me for this final patch. I doubt I will even give it a try. May eventually just go back and work on old stuff. Think I need another 2-3 runs in Wrath to complete the Legendary. The writing has been bad, the plot lines? Lol. If not for the art department they would be in big trouble.


    • Thanks, no bother, we’re not North Korea yet, although on the steady way there :) I’m all into FFXIV, but my routines there are – well, routines, I have to accumulate things and experiences to report. Just peacefully leveling alt classes by dungeon runs.

      I’m done with WoW until at least 10.0., aside from Sylvanas lore piece, that’s for sure. Hopefully they manage anything of interest – and the whole world situation would fix itself enough so I’d be able to play it if developers put their shit together.

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      • Kind of curious what your thought is. I’m starting to feel that Metzen was the story teller. When he passed the job on to work on Overwatch, that’s when I think things started to fall apart. The whole Warlords of Draenor thing seemed pieced together with notes written on napkins for them to follow as an outline. Did he come back for Legion?? Not sure. But it seems like they gave some writers a big notebook of ideas, and general story layout and said have at it.


        • Exactly Metzen, and WoD was his pet project, as he LOVES his orcs. The whole time-travel thing was merely an excuse to see them in their natural habitat. Btw, I think that WoD story was shortened for gameplay reasons which didn’t hold the flag, but nevertheless very strong, every cinematic an emotional climax and brightest character arcs. Legion is where everything went wrong – it was rich with gameplay and content, yet the whole crusade thing was solved with an elegance of a truck in a china shop, and it went south ever since, apart from smaller arcs.

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        • I’m starting to really wonder. I’ve commented to my wife on more than occasion that the majority of television shows are remakes of shows from 20-30 years ago, updated, or with a slight twist. And I’m wondering, are there any true story tellers anymore, on the level of a Tolkien. Sure we have the game of thrones guy. I tried to read the books, it is a bit too in depth at times. But he had the idea for a world with families and politics, war, intrigue. When we watch commercials I think, who did the writing for this.


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