WoW: Uninstall

Hard as it is today to wrap my mind around gaming due to IRL events – the darkest day in modern Russia history with even more grim perspectives looming on the horizon – I would still type some words about 9.2. and Zereth Mortis.

There were no positive expectations about lore, and yet Blizzard writers managed to surpass their previous exercise in idiocy and absense of logic. I played through the yellow quests, and the resulting impression was WTF, WTF, WTF?!

  • An Arbiter’s seal came out of nowhere, just all these Oribos people could produce it from their sleeve like an old toothpick
  • For no reason, Mawsworn popped up out of nowhere to attack a portal
  • Primus said it’s sacred place and even death pantheon is not allowed there, then he adds: pave us the way, the Covenant armies will immediately follow (but not Pantheon because uhm reasons)
  • It appears that the First Ones relied on a “chosen mortal” to save the Forge, so they conveniently put the teleportation stones. Not death realm armies, mind you, not automa, but a random mortal.
  • After several months when we prepared to go Zereth, Jailer’s forces attacked a pretty useless and harmless exploring expedition camp. When we arrived – the actual threat – he immediately wraps up the operation and says “Whatever, it’s no use anyways, our goal is the Forge”
  • We learn that there are five obelisks protecting entry to the Forge, and Jailer’s forces – throughout all these months – were trying to break them. They broke one. Ok, so we need to protect them.
  • Ha-ha, no! For some reason, somehow, we find Anduin at the gates of the Forge, he dominates a local gatekeeper, and Jailer is swooshed in without any trouble.

What. The. Fuck.

We thought that Sylvanas story would be the most controversial and the worst beat in the expansion. Yet the writing – if it may be called so – defies all logic and consistency.

And then they throw us in the local activities and routine of exploring the land. No kidding, they say it in plain text: what you discover, may help us to defeat Jailer. Or it may not. Anyways, have fun, because local land is sooooo exciting and full of secrets! No kidding, they seriously tell players that. And yes, they crammed “how cool the water is” in a quest dialogue.

What this land is full of is bullshit and grind. After Jailer’s departure, there’s no practical use to deal with his army – anyways, what’s it even doing here now? It is stacked in a couple of enclaves, not doing anything important, not attacking us, and for what it’s worth, could be left alone. There’s some local hostile wildlife to deal with, and no, I don’t wanna help the boring locals with their boring tasks – because it’s not what I came here for.

The zone itself is a mix of world quests, daily quests and annoying puzzles. Grind-me-ten now became grind-me-13-15-20, multiplied by smaller character power at the start of patch, and twice as painful for a frost mage. I tried to set out for a course of daily duties, I really tried – to find myself in a situation where I have just to kill endless number of mobs with a high risk of getting killed, and often on the verge of dying.

The zone, like all Shadowlands, is pretty, but monotonous. You’ve seen one subzone – you’ve seen them all (I explored the whole zone, so I can tell). As for the locals – I said they could go with adorable WALL-E vibe, well, Blizzard picked C-3PO, but without comic relief.

All in all, I realized I’m looking at several months of very trivial, annoying, grinding chores. And when I asked myself: am I actually having even a little bit of fun here? The answer was a solid, definite no. I don’t have a slightest urge to login – not for lore (lol), not for gameplay, and definitely not any goals of grinding another dozen of currencies to progress in this content.

I finished a couple of quests, canceled a dozen from my log, teleported to Ironforge, flew to Kharanos and said goodbye to the game. I have not the slightest urge to pursue the patch even on my main, save any alts. The patch is devoid of gameplay, Warcraft vibe, story, characters, soul – anything that made the game playable and loved all these years.

I do not know what comes in 10.0. – if it comes – maybe it will drag my interest and attention. But 9.2. is definitely not Warcraft at all. I felt so disjointed and distant – there was nothing for me here, not even for an occasional login or a 30-minute session once in a week.

Uninstalling the game was so easy, and I actually felt a great relief. I don’t bother about Shadowlands anymore. I’m done with the expansion – on the second day of the final patch release and without seeing a raid, yes.

Well… see you in my FFXIV and single player game posts? 10.0. – I don’t really believe in current team, not after 9.2., but anything might happen. Until then, this blog is not a WoW blog anymore.

I’m logging out right where it started – where the world was full of discovery and wonder, despite being all fir trees and snow. It’s been a good ride, and it’s not anymore.

13 thoughts on “WoW: Uninstall

    • And that brings a conundrum to mind. When my time comes, where will I log out. For me it briefly started in Silvermoon, but friends my wife played with said they would have to kill me on sight because I played the wrong faction, so my character was reborn in Teldrassil where he learned all he did until mid Cata. I’ve often looked at the little house by the lake just south of Undercity. Perhaps there on the dock in Nat’s fishing chair.

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  1. You’re going to be missed. As Marathal pointed out, WoW is loosing a strong advocate today. Hoping 10.0 will be good and entice you to come back. In the meantime, I’m still going to be following your FFXIV blog.

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  2. Well, that is disappointing to be sure. I’ve not been able to play Zereth Mortis myself because I still have the intro quest for Korthia sitting uncompleted in my quest logs; from your summary, I’d have probably felt that the questline felt silly, but not quite have been able to articulate so clearly as you do what the gross inconsistencies that make it so nonsensical are. I’ll probably go there eventually to explore around and see if there are any Mog photoshoot worthy locations there, but I don’t anticipate spending any more time there than it takes to acquire the first/basic recolor of the zone quest/drop armor set.
    I’ll miss your analytical, critical, yet optimistic approach to WoW — but I’ll still enjoy reading about your FFXIV adventures.

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        • Totally understandable. I thought about sharing what you wrote, but with tensions running high, and I saw protesters being arrested in St. Petersburg I did not want to draw attention to the post.


        • Been watching and reading the news. Not really sure what things are like for you, but if you get cut off from internet access, I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure reading your blog all this time. Thank you, and my hope is that you and your family stay safe.


        • No panic, the internal ban focus is on news media – yet. Killing internet is killing Russian economy, I don’t think it’s possible – although never say never in case of our government. As for bans from abroad, games are available, yet several companies are stopping sales for the time being. Running subs and bought single player title are running.

          I’m playing FFXIV now, status reports are in order once accumulated. And I have a rant coming about Shadowlands, today I’m into the fresh “lore” chapter, first LFR wing run for tourist sakes and final cinematic.

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