WoW: Eternity’s End Incoming & Community Council Invitation

As expected, during my vacation (Egypt, no less – we explored Nile and the whole country top to bottom – 8 cities from Mediterranean to southern border!) I spotted the release date for 9.2. – Eternity’s End. Considering my sub, it’s hilarious: my previous one expires at Feb 20 with the release in EU-region on Feb 23, so it appears to be almost seamless.

Yet, I’m not taking the bait and buying my common 6-month sub for the new patch. As planned, I’m grabbing 3 months, because LFR won’t even arrive in full in 4 weeks, and reputations/cyphers/whatever goals would not be reached for sure. Depending on the patch gameplay, we shall see if I want to keep WoW running, or 3 months would be enough.

Alt Paradigm

The most important change in my WoW approach today is alts. So far, for a long time since WoD, I pushed all my range of 12-22-now-15 group of characters in equal measure, no one was left behind, everyone participated in LFR mog farming and kept up at the same gear level. Whether I want to do the same for Eternity’s End is a question of gameplay – how engaging the new zone and its activities would be. Frankly, even if I love all my alts as characters and their specs, I’m pretty burned out. A self-inflicted disease, to be fair, not Blizzard’s fault, but still.

So, for the beginning of 9.2. I’m planning to cut the race to only two toons: “main” Alliance Micromantica, the gnome frost mage & my all-time main, and “main” Horde Schlitzchen, the goblin enhancement shaman. I will explore and do daily stuff on both, and be totally in peace with other toons being benched until 10.0. Of course, if the gameplay is nice, I could easily pick up other toons too (and/or if I miss playing a class or spec), but there’s no urge to push them at all. Considering alts, today I feel it more fun and interesting to explore and level FFXIV alt jobs.

What of Content?

Blizzard are being stubborn and excited about the upcoming resolution of Sylvanas story – well, I wrote already I’m beyond caring for Shadowlands lore anymore and hold little hope that Jailer/Sylvanas arcs would spark anything good. Yet, however bad, it still moves the plot forward, and I want to experience it from a pilot seat, not from social media, blogs, videos and memes. Like I said, I’m seeing the game to the end whatever and whenever that maybe – even if it means I would be coming only for story beats.

I’m not too excited by Zereth Mortis – or rather, not at all. The two things that seem interesting is cypher thing (if done well – it’s mystery, puzzle and linguistics in a bucket, my soft spot), and that they give you a robot buddy on your journey with automa – a WALL-E vibe pulled well could work perfectly.

I’m not planning to farm raid sets in this tier. They aren’t great, they’re nothing in style I would like to put on my toons. Rumors are, there could be an option to retrieve them – or recolors – from open world activities, then I may sign for it. All in all, this raid to me is the story and seeing the encounters, first and foremost. I’m a bit burned out of queues, so the goal is to minimize the number of runs except most necessary.

As a casual, I never cared about legendary stuff and grinding things for power, so tier set bonuses, legendary currency, two legendary items, or three, or a dozen are a vague and boring thing not worth my attention. Once I surpass my current legendary item level of 225, I will throw it in a trash bin in a jiffy, and I won’t be chasing a new belt or whatever – only if it drops on my head through normal activities.

What I AM interested in is whether there are anima rewards for Zereth Mortis activities, and in catching up style increased quantities? I would still like to finish my covenant sets, but I’m not in the mood of doing old stuff for it, thank you very much.

And Yet

…I’m hyped. Maybe it’s a Pavlovian reflex, but a new patch and a new expansion always makes me itching with expectations. New stuff is always better than no stuff of a lull, new exploration, new lore, new lands to travel to. And there is always hope that gameplay, stories and everything would turn your expectations upside down and be better or different in a positive way. So yes, I’ll be there for launch, and let’s see how this expansion really ends.

But like I said, it’s two toons for a start. I will share my gaming time between two MMOs, and there’s a great chance that it could be an hour or two of WoW daily stuff and the rest goes to FFXIV. We’ll see how it rolls.

See you in 9.2. next week! Skeletor will return with more impressions after launch.

P.S. Community Council

Oh yes, it’s been a hilarious story. Before vacation, I received an e-mail from Kaivax inviting me to community council forums. The problem is, I cannot write there from an EU account – because I don’t have a character of level 10 on US realms, even if I’m properly logged in US version with my Battlenet account.

The support did not help with this at all, misunderstanding the trouble, redirecting me to the standard troubleshooting page, and quoting me the things from my own letter in response – the stuff I already knew. Kaivax in response mail was actually more helpful, but the solution is actually creating a WoW trial account in US realms and leveling a toon to level 10 to participate in the discussions.

Well, what can I say… Of course, it’s just a couple hours if you really wish to, the problem is: do I really want to go through all this bother, do the actual work of leveling a totally useless alt in the game I’m currently not happy with in the first place? And the answer is: no. Let community council function without me.


5 thoughts on “WoW: Eternity’s End Incoming & Community Council Invitation

    • Food is the least interesting topic in Egypt. Can’t bear local spices & horse amounts of sugar, and their take on European food is edible/decent at their very best. All in all, you should take care with all the local cuisines of the world, excluding: 1) Italian (duh) 2) Japanese 3) Russian (not just eastern Slavic, but exactly Russian – milder on spices and fats, almost dietic)

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    • Well… that was both cool and brutal. Really great people, really – super helpful, super friendly, conflicts seem impossible – they’re talking it away, we’ve never seen any real arguing even between the locals. At the same time, overpriced and bad service, endless tips for every sneeze, annoying street traders, all cities and towns non available for living, visiting and simply walking due to an absence of traffic rules and regulations, trash, smog and chaotic street trade. Ancient Egypt temples and sites were super cool, Nile cruise – amazing, everything in between – impossible without a guide. Now I have an informed opinion about Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern world without prejudice, from the first row. I’m glad we experienced this, saw all the cool stuff – and I’m glad we’ll never return here. Not judging the lifestyle – the country’s not poor at all – but it doesn’t fit mine.

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