FFXIV: In the Wake of Shadowbringers & Glamour Issues

I’ve struck a glamour problem that I haven’t figured out yet – and request help. Maybe, like with shared hotbars, it can be solved in a click, so I’d be grateful for a piece of advice.

The thing is, say, I have a machinist/bard or monk/samurai shared piece of gear – for example, a chest piece which applies to their equal level. Naturally, I want to have different glamours for different jobs. But if I glam over for machinist, switching to bard puts an exclamation mark next to “bard” gear set, indicating that the set has changed, and what I did to machinist appearance now applies to bard too!

I haven’t played with glamour plates yet – maybe this is the solution? So far, they’re not that convenient compared to carrying an actual item in your bags – as with prisms you can glam over right on spot when you get a new upgrade, even in a dungeon, while plates allow to do that only in capital cities.

So, the question is: is it possible to wear the same item for two (or more) jobs and yet keep the different glamour tunings when you switch between jobs?

Anyways, milestones.

It’s been a while since I engaged into daily group content roulettes, as I completed Stormblood content and decided I need to push my lalafell through the MSQ as her alt jobs have caught up with machinist main. And Shadowbringers MSQ it is.

I’m now ready to enter Tempest, that is, almost done with the initial questline. As always, leveling an alt is at least twice faster than with your pioneer toon:

  • You can skip the dialogues and cutscenes you didn’t like first time. I’m in no rush to see the further events, I listen to almost all dialogues paying attention to voice acting and details on my alt, and yet some stories are fast forward. I realised I don’t like the stretched whining scenes and arcs – for example, the whole Thancred/Minfilia business, Magnus in Amh Araeng, and incoming patch story of Chai-Nuzz all go to Skip the cutscene? Yes-option.
  • Naturally, you know solo encounter details from your first run. Of course, a ranged class has an advantage compared to my dragoon main – for example, solo duties with Zenos or Ran’jit were solved without a sweat or a thrill this time, while my mi’qote had to struggle and avert to “easy” mode after a wipe or two. But even vehicle fights like Hien/Zenos or Thancred/Ran’jit were a lot easier on my second alt – no desperation or balancing on the verge of a wipe at all.
  • Naturally, you know the terrain layout and quest details from your first run. You don’t run in circles, you know in advance where they want you and what they expect of you, so it saves a lot of time and allows planning to optimize your advance.
  • Aether currents were nerfed, so visiting 4 convenient points compared to 10 (and again, knowing where they are) saves quite a lot of legwork and gameplay time. Alas, this advantage does not spread to Endwalker zones :)

In short, MSQ plays very smooth and fast on an alt, and I’ll arrive to Endwalker in no time, then maybe I will solve the alt and side quest catch up on both alts. Story-heavy and roulette-grind periods come in turns, and that prevents exhaustion in both, which is so welcome.

I like the Trust system now. Surely, it’s about 30% faster to do dungeons with a group, but if you count the queue time the disadvantage is mitigated. Trust is valuable for a number of reasons: feels more natural by lore, your own pace, more requirement for skill – dying is prohibited! – and yet your “teammates” don’t fail, so you may stick to Y’shtola, for example, and follow her while focusing more on your rotation. So yes, I’ll be using Trust runs heavily for alt jobs and what not.

Replaying the story is no less important than seeing it for the first time. It is so great, Stromblood and on, that it’s a mere pleasure to revisit the arcs and character interaction, and skipping the very few “boring” parts only adds to the excitement. Of course, I’m devoid of lore bomb shocks now, yet this is compensated with a fact that now I know the story till the end, and can focus on the actual process of development. Emotionally, it’s just as striking and cool as playing for the first time, so no drawbacks here. And of course, there’s no rush and urge to see the end, which allows a more thorough attention to details and nuances of character motives, dialogues and what not.

The fact that I really need two alts for roleplay reasons aside, replaying the story arcs was required by all means, and I’m happy I’m doing it. But a third alt? No, I don’t think so – too much of a stretch and effort, and mi’qote/lalafell combo provides everything I require.

Having fun :)

4 thoughts on “FFXIV: In the Wake of Shadowbringers & Glamour Issues

  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re stuck making glamour plates. You get 16 plates that you can make outfits on. You have to put the items in your glamour dresser (or armoire) in order to attach the appearance to plates. Putting an item in the dresser costs a prism. You can also dye the items in your glamour plates.

    The benefit of glamour plates is that once you add the item to your dresser, you never spend another prism to set a new piece of gear to that appearance. Also, if you dye the item on the glamour plate, you’ll never need to use another dye for a new piece of gear. It costs no prisms or dye to apply a glamour plate to your current gear. You just have to be in a rested space (main city, apartment/house/fc-apartment/inn). Also, you can take items out of your glamour dresser if you prefer having them in your bags/chocobo-bag/retainer. Taking items out of the glamour dresser doesn’t remove it from a glamour plate. However, you will have to put it back in if you want to use that item on a new plate in the future (costing another prism).

    For argument’s sake, we’ll say you make plate 1 your BRD glamor and make plate 16 your MCH glamor. In your gear sets window, right click your BRD set and link it to plate 1 and right click your MCH and link it to plate 16. Now, when you’re in a rested space, you can swap jobs and the glamour swaps with you. If you’re not in a rested space, you’ll swap jobs and get “unable to apply glamour plate” message. You’ll be wearing the correct gear, but you won’t have the correct appearances.

    You can drag the gear sets from the window to an action bar. I have action bar 8 set as a system bar for the various jobs I frequently swap between.

    You can also make a macro to switch gear and apply glamour to it. I have my “PLD adventuring” (gear set 1 and glamour plate 1) and “dance party” (gear set 1 and glamour plate 6) utilizing the same pieces of gear but different appearance.

    I like macros, but most folks would rather the right click on the gear set page. Macros can also be dragged to your action bar.

    My “PLD adventuring” macro uses the default icon (equivalent of using “?” in WoW macro window)…
    /micon “Paladin” classjob
    /gearset change 1 1
    /displayarms on
    /displayhead on

    That first line is “macro icon.” This will make the macro use a specific job/item/ability icon. You use the full job name and it uses the icon for that job (shield for PLD and gun for MCH). If you were setting one for machinist:
    /micon “Machinist” classjob

    That second line specifies which gearset number in your gear set window and which glamour plate to use. Gear set 1 is my PLD set. Glamour plate 1 is my combat glamour for PLD.
    If your Machinist is gear set 2 and the glamour plate is 16:
    /gearset change 2 16

    Third and fourth lines determines if your weapons/helm are visible “on” or not visible “off” when you are not in combat. The means wait 1 second before performing the next step. I ran into timing issues without the .

    My “dance party” macro is a little different. I specified an icon of a red gem in the macro setup rather than using a job icon, so I didn’t need a /micon line…
    /gearset change 1 6
    /displayarms off
    /displayhead on

    Again, it’s using the same PLD gearset (1), but instead I’m using my “going to the rave” outfit which is plate 6. I hide my sword and shield and make sure my party mask is visible.


    • Thanks for the thorough guide!

      I could wait until arrival to a resting place, two issues I see though:

      1. I can assign plates only from the dresser, right? What about items I’m currently wearing, as obviously I can’t place them in dresser? For example, if I’m currently using the gloves item and want its non-glam appearance as a part of set, I can’t put it to dresser.

      2. Swapping glams only in resting places. As I’m leveling alt jobs and doing side quests, swaps in the field is something I do all the time. For example, I can take a side quest as a bard, in the middle realise that it requires a lot of tedious or dangerous killing, swap to a higher level machinist mid-quest, finish the requirements, and then give in quest as a bard again. I could queue to dungeon as a samurai and do questing on a monk while in queue, naturally I need to switch jobs in the field when the queue comes.

      So I guess it’s an option for endgame then, when you won’t switch so frantically.

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      • If you’re wanting to use an unglamoured appearance for an item, you’d need to put it in the dresser long enough to put it on a plate. Once the plate is setup with the gloves, save the plate, then remove the gloves from the dresser and re-equip them. Even though the gloves are not in the dresser, they will still be on the plate.

        Swapping to samurai in the field shouldn’t be an issue, as that gear was already glammed with your samurai plate in the city. You’ll only run into an issue if the samurai gear is shared with another class (MNK or DRG).

        I do miss the ability to tie xmog for a piece of gear to a class/spec in WoW. Same outfit for resto druid, balance druid, and guardian? No problem, just check the box in the xmog window and the mog changes with your spec. I wish FF would implement something like this. Also they REALLLLLLLLY need to give us more than 400 total spaces in the dresser. They need to let us put quest items, and mog store items in the armoire. Some mog store items can be placed there, just not all of them.


  2. realized that wordpress borked my macros there are <wait.1>s in the macros. The <wait.1> means wait 1 second before performing the next step

    adventure macro:
    /micon “Paladin” classjob
    /gearset change 1 1 <wait.1>
    /displayarms on <wait.1>
    /displayhead on

    rave macro:
    /gearset change 1 6 <wait.1>
    /displayarms off <wait.1>
    /displayhead on


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