Sanctum of Domination: A Peep into The Jailer’s Vanguard

The first wing of Sanctum of Domination went live, and my transmog hunt begins!

My first impressions about the raid are very, very positive. Unlike depressing Torghast catacombs in every possible wing, the Sanctum feels almost… festive? It’s quite varied, as even during the course of the first 3 bosses the color scheme changes 3 times, it’s spacious and vast – not claustrophobic at all, and in general conveys the seat of power vibe. Art and layout teams – bravo!

Trash feels fat so far. They’re not too dangerous, even if certain mobs manage to deal high spikes of damage, and those anima power-carrying knights try to knock you out of platform.

Now, bosses.

Tarragrue is entertaining. Needless to say, my first toon died immediately at the mist phase, where you’re supposed to follow the bright spots, and spent the encounter kissing the floor. I thought it would be a Durumu-like nightmare, but you actually learn very fast, and my next toons learned the skill in a jiffy. Other than that, nothing really dangerous happened. You have to stand away from others with the small circles, and presumably run away with chains to break them.

Eye of the Jailer is my favorite! The most important things to do are the chain jump when it swipes the battlefield with the beam, and nuking the two small eyes equally so they die together. I simply like these sorts of fights: a lot of personal agency and responsibility, totally clear how and what to do, and your failures are upon you, not the raid.

The Nine. Out of three runs so far, two raids wiped on this. It’s totally understandable, because there’s like a lot of stuff going on here. Still, learning is not too hard, and the encounter is quite fine. Nuke the first two down so they die together, deal with their circles – when they push, run in, when they pull, run out, carry all the crap away from the raid and don’t stand in any fire.

From a healer’s perspective (Jellica went in too!), Tarragrue was a moderate damage targeting certain players, Eye of the Jailer required small but constant AoE heals, and The Nine was about constant dispelling, and a high peak of raid-wide damage in the end – that’s when I needed my strongest cooldowns! So yes: a total variety, and you also need to follow those legwork mechanics like all the rest, so healing them all was super fun!

All in all, I’d say bosses are not overtuned (finally!). In all the three runs we never struggled too hard, or felt like we desperately lacked dps, heals or survivability, stacks of determination were totally not required. But – if I needed to fix them, I’d reduce the whole raid’s, trash and bosses’ health pools. They’re so fat that encounters feel just long. Still, it’s not something you can’t get used to – and as we gear up, it will be fixed to an extent naturally.

All in all – it’s a great raid environment, especially refreshing after Nathria and positively subverting Torghast/Icecrown Citadel expectations, interesting bosses and mechanics to play around, and inspiring by lore as we finally go to kick some big bad asses in their lair, with the support of our faction leaders.

Can’t say anything bad about the wing 1, really. It’ll be a bliss for re-runs. Blizzard did this one right!

P.S. Loot: 3 toons x 3 bosses = 1 ring, and for the character that already has both at 213 and upgradable further. So meh. Well, we’ll see by the end of the week – and oh, there’s also a Gear Vault I nearly forgot about!

4 thoughts on “Sanctum of Domination: A Peep into The Jailer’s Vanguard

  1. The trick with Chains on Tarragrue is that they have to be intercepted by someone with an immunity or with the Ever-Beating Heart anima power, to avoid being stunned and dragged to the boss. In the normal and heroic runs I did, we had to mark a spot for people to run to for the player with the anima power to intercept.

    Agree on the visuals of the raid! I was very worried it was gonna be all gloomy blues but the variations so far have been great.

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      • That Kil’Jaeden fight was a real beast. I think Archie sticks with me because that is when I was able to get back into guild raiding after a break for real life. I have a lot of fond memories with that raid and the handful of FriendshipMoose runs I helped heal for people to get their Moose.


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