Skipping the Intro in 9.1. Chains of Domination on Alts: Is It Worth It?

If you’re worried whether or not to skip the intro of Shadowlands 9.1. on alts, fear not: I’ve tested it for you.

Basically the intro takes 3 chapters of the Chains of Domination lore. So, you’re observing the story, you’re introduced to the systems, establish Korthia base and portals, and get rid of the Maw impediments – ability to mount and Eye of Jailer penalty.

Concerning gameplay, if you choose to skip the questline, you’re straight out of the gate and ready for endgame. Bolvar immediately sends you to Korthia camp via portal in Oribos, and this is what you get:

  • All 3 first lore chapters are now counted as completed.
  • All travel means are now available: you have Oribos-Korthia portal, and you only need to click Ven’ari transporter in Korthia camp in the same manner you open the trivial flight points.
  • All Maw impediments are taken off: you can mount in Korthia/Maw, and there’s no Jailer’s Eye harassing you.
  • You go straight to endgame: you can now immediately take weekly fill-the-bar quest, aid-the Covenant-assault quest, and today’s daily blue quests – in short, everything that is your normal everyday duty rotation.

There’s still a number of tasks you need to complete, and which are not counted in skipping:

  • If you’re into Torghast, you still have a yellow quest that sends you for the Tower run.
  • The archive questline is not completed, so you need to get a starting quest item from a random mob in Korthia and walk through the archivist quests to get your alt’s access for the archivist faction NPC, their rewards, and upgrading local “benthic” aka catch-up gear.

Now, when we’re good with gameplay stuff, let’s talk about the rewards. The most notable rewards from 9.1. intro are three things:

Anima. Yes, sweet-sweet anima. The whole questline is worth about 2k, so it’s up to you whether you want to earn it via questing, or earn it later through other activities.

Weapon Transmogs. By completing the first chapter, Battle for Ardenweald, you will get a number of Faesworn weapon transmogs available for your class – a yellow, pretty cool recolor of Ardenweald world quest weapons, like this mace:

Now, before I started experimenting with skipping the intro, I’ve already led a mage, a warrior and a hunter through the questline, so basically they covered all available mogs already.

To test if you need this weapon run for other classes, you can complete a couple of talking quests with Bolvar and Tal-Inara. Then, as you accept the Battle quest from Lady Moonberry, you can hover on the weapon rewards to see if they’re all learned. If they are – well, you’re free to talk to Bolvar again and still skip the intro at the spot.

Note: please let me know if you can complete Battle for Ardenweald for transmogs and still skip the next steps!

Gear. Throughout the intro you receive a minimum of two catch-up set pieces, the Korthia red recolor version of Oribos/crafting set – one piece is ilvl 200 (archive upgrade 1/6), and the second piece has ilvl 207 (archive upgrade 2/6). I don’t think it’s worth bother, as you will get those pieces anyways through quest rewards, boss and mob drops, treasures and what not. So your gearing up and transmog issues are settled.

By the way, the Batlle for Ardenweald weapon reward has 187 ilvl – the one that matches Castle Nathria LFR. If you’re short on a second hand, or just arrived to 60, it maybe a good option to catch you up.


In my opinion, skipping the Shadowlands 9.1. intro is a path totally worth taking. Granted that the questline takes about 2-3 hours at the very minimum (multiply by the number of alts you have!), the things like Korthia gear pieces and anima are not worth the time spent at all – you can acquire them with ease through other activities of the endgame.

I would re-run the intro in two cases:

  • If you’re a transmog hunter, and really need those Faesworn recolor weapons
  • If you need a 187 weapon and 200/207 couple of gear items here and now, on this very day.

Me myself have an impressive 15-character roster, and once I tested and figured out all that was written in this post, I’m skipping the intro on alts without a second thought.

Have a nice day and a happy 9.1. endgame!

P.S. A bonus tip for reading this post to the end: by Ven’ari Refuge camp you can find a stables spot which will taxi you right to the current Covenant assault point!

5 thoughts on “Skipping the Intro in 9.1. Chains of Domination on Alts: Is It Worth It?

    • Transport network is another option – Twitter says that Marasmius mushroom ring offers a teleport right on spot! I’m not sure if it works only for Fae during Fae Covenant assault though.

      Anyways, taxi ride from Ven’ari is free for everyone despite the Covenant allegiance – for example, my hunter is Kyrian, and she could use the unicorn.

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