Probably Today?

Just look at me go!

As you’ve probably noticed, Ardenweald and Bastion are gone from my spreadsheet, and the same fate expects Revendreth/Maldraxxus. I don’t know if it was the right decision to binge-level the whole roster, but probably it is! There can’t be a wrong way to play this game, right?

I will need to finalize leveling for Jammu, Lizgun and Anibell in the coming couple of days, probably today! Then we can… finally play? My next plan is obviously taking them all through the Covenant campaigns to gear up, ignoring dungeons as much as possible. Dungeons – I really intend to run them only for weekly anima chunk quests, and that’s it. Granted the toons are given the full 197 sets upon completion of Covenant campaign – and the fact that I don’t really care about legendaries – whatever comes from Torghast will be ring, neck or trinket, depending on what class/spec power feels less annoying.

There’s actually a lot of LFR work to be done. Even if transmog sets start to fill, the loot is still scarce, Great Vault tends to offer rings, and there’s a huge amount of Covenant-spread weapon tokens to be acquired. So my goal is LFR asap and chain-runs until we’re happy.

How much time until the new content do I have? I don’t know, but Blizzcon at the end of February seems like a great time to announce 9.1. and launch beta-test for a couple of months. So I hope we’re living in 9.0. until May which seems to be enough to rob Denathrius and his minions of their possessions.

I’m keeping Micromantica updated with Renown, the others – not so much. Anima drought is depressing, and even if you could collect the 1000 in about an hour of gameplay on reset day per alt, the later grind seems uninspiring. I’d better go questing and gearing alts!

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