Covenant Campaign Armor Guide: How to Get & Upgrade Gear

Covenant campaign armor is a nice catching up system that allows to get items of decent quality without grinding dungeons too much and collect your first Covenant transmog set recolor.

How to Get It

The armor set pieces are strictly bound to Covenant campaigns, and you will have to play the story up to step 8 to complete the set and get the access to the final upgrade. Naturally, you will need Renown levels to open every next chapter with every 3 Renown levels, but it would not be a problem for an alt.

As you play through Covenant story, certain quests will have a Covenant armor piece as a reward. Per chapter, you will unlock 1-2 pieces, and the further you progress through the campaign, the bigger will be the item level. For example, the first step of the campaign unlocks ilvl 155 gear, and step 7 unlocks 184 gear.

Do not throw away, sell or disenchant Covenant armor. With every next chapter you are not only getting the next gear pieces, but you can also upgrade the older ones! For example, if you had 155 covenant gloves from chapter 1, by chapter 7 you can upgrade them to ilvl 184, and step 8 will allow upgrade up to 190 – surpassing LFR item level and matching the level of a basic legendary piece!

If you got rid of them, you can always buy a basic item from vendor for 100 anima, but we need that anima for everything else, so.

How to Upgrade Covenant Gear

The full item level upgrade path is as follows: 155 -> 164 -> 171 -> 177 -> 184 -> 190> 197. Notes:

  • You will pay an increasing amount of anima per every step: for example, 155 -> 164 will cost 50 anima, and 184 -> 190 would be 250 per piece.
  • Starting gear ilvl always matches the one when you get it first. For example, you get kyrian plate gloves at chapter one with 155 ilvl, so you will have to upgrade it full cycle. If you upgraded an item, then thrown away/sold/disenchanted it, then you’re buying a replacement from vendor, it will also be ilvl 155 no matter the previous upgrades. At the same time, kyrian plate boots you get from chapter 7 will always have basic ilvl of 184 and require just 1 upgrade to the final rank.

Where the Covenant Armor Vendors Are, or Where to Upgrade Your Covenant Armor?

It’s probably the most important part in this post :) Strange enough, the guys are very well hidden, and do not have any marks over them, so here goes: covenant armor vendors and upgrades for every Sanctum. The seller and the upgrader always stand side-by-side with each other.

Kyrian / Bastion Covenant Armor Vendor & Upgrade Location

In Elysian Hold Sanctum, go to the spot where you apply conduits. Neptira the vendor and Phillo the upgrader hide in the corridor behind the forge angel’s back:

Night Fae / Ardenweald Covenant Armor Vendor & Upgrade Location

In Heart of the Forest Sanctum, the vendors are easiest to find. Mar’lan the vendor and Lamda the upgrader stand right by the exit which leads to mission table, just below the tavern:

Necrolords / Maldraxxus Covenant Armor Vendor & Upgrade Location

In Seat of the Primus Sanctum, the vendors are hiding well. Slayer Araya the vendor and Goreguts the upgrader (both references to metal bands, Tom Araya from thrash metal kings Slayer and a death metal act Gorguts) dwell in the portal wing of the sanctum, right by the entrance closest to Primus statue:

Venthyr / Revendreth Covenant Armor Vendor & Upgrade Location

In Sinfall Sanctum, the vendors are also hiding well. Gregor the vendor and Guy Yearmo the upgrader have their office on the second floor of Sinfall. From arrival/flight master/Prince Renathal major floor you need to take the mirror portal to the floor with Anima Conductor, and this is where you find them:

Covenant armor certainly deserves attention and anima spent for upgrades. It is excellent for catching up, and for casuals like me that are sufficed with LFRs it surpasses my expectations.

I strongly suggest to get and upgrade this set – and keep them, because: who knows, may be it will get more ranks and be relevant in the next patches as well?

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