Shadowlands: Revendreth Review

Revendreth starts with an iconic “audition” style, as people do not say much about what’s going on. We learn the minuscule bits that there’s shortage of anima, that there are rebels, the big boss is kinda lying to us about things (well, not to us – not yet), and their ways of redemption are… kinda questionable. We’re helping a not too pleasant guy to overcome one of the leaders and take her place – again, not too invested.

Then, by the end of Penitent Hunt in the middle the story suddenly turns all Warcraft, and doesn’t let go ever since. After the big bad reveal, we’re surfing on the wave of an inspiring rebel story until the end. It ends up with a climactic plot twist cinematic, and oh boy, that was too epic. That is a very explainable thing, as the whole story leads into a raid, and we finish the leveling run very-very motivated to go there and kill the asshole.

Turns out – a mild spoiler – that Revendreth is not that much about the starving poor – gorging aristocrats, but the conflict is a lot more epic and has consequences on the entire central story. That was a great plot twist, and I liked it.

The characters are super great – you get all you want: the rebel sidekicks, the rebel leader, and not one, but 3 comic relief characters which make the one-before-last leg of the story absolutely hilarious!

I also chuckled with recognition of different media vampires: Nadija is definitely Nadja from What We Do in the Shadows series, Dreven’s name sends us to Crow movie, and the appearance of one of the high-ranked vampire models is ripped from Eldritch Palmer of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain series:

It is funny how he even behaves exactly the same as his movie counterpart :) Well, at least the first guy – there are several with this model.

I loved the characters, the story was epic, and I’m motivated to go to Castle Nathria raid. A traditional sickness of Shadowlands leveling is also here: to get a full picture, you need to stick with Covenant and learn more. And as with Maldraxxus, whatever Blizzard are saying about all Covenants serving their purpose and being important, Revendreth still look like vampires – the monsters to slay in every media. I’m simply not ready to align my main with the “baddies”, even if they mean good. So: 6/10 points for the Venthyr.

Sidenote: I’m giving points not for visuals, ambience or anything – it’s merely points for my main and main only – how invested and aligned she was with the locals, which will play role only for picking a Covenant.

All zones manage to deliver their unique ambience and charm, and I’ve no doubt that Covenant full campaigns will all be great. So aligning my Mindebad frost DK with Maldraxxus, or Tobai the Blood DK with Revendretg would feel very great.

Next stop: picking a covenant and endgame!

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