Pre-Patch: Transmog Pain & Spreadsheets

First and foremost: a rant!

It is a big mystery how Argent Conscript set transmogs are counted into your collection. The only thing that is 100% sure: if your character bought it, it will be there. On alts – you wish!

That does not concern only cross-faction issues. For example, my gnome warlock Myrki boasted yesterday in my blog post with a head collar, and Jellica the gnome priest simply does not have it! Micromantica, my gnome mage main, also did not find this head piece. It is such a random: sometimes it appears on all toons and both factions, sometimes it’s just the character that earned it.

It does not depend on time: 2 hours after Maylune the druid purchased her shoulders, and neither of the leather toons Alliance or Horde has them. Obviously, I put them all on and transmog over immediately – so making them non-refunded does not help too.

I submitted a bug, but UGH! What I’m gonna do, what I’m gonna do? :) You see, the sets are really, really nice, and I would very much like to have them.

Alright, there comes a more straightforward goal of gearing up. Like with every pre-patch, I’ve made a spreadsheet:


  • Character name in bold = Icecrown intro and the first day done
  • Slots in green = item level is 100+, so it does not need improvement

Strategy is simple: whatever Nathanos gives us in 2 weeks, and the rest (after I drive them all through intro) will be devoted to cherry picking the worst slots and upgrading them.

Whew, let’s see how green the spreadsheet will be by launch!

One thought on “Pre-Patch: Transmog Pain & Spreadsheets

  1. I think there’s some sort of stale data issue going on. For example, on the login screen, my characters’ appearances do not update immediately. It seems to show what she was wearing 2 sessions ago, not what she’s currently wearing.

    It was very noticeable while leveling, since I do not use heirlooms.

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