Shadowlands Icecrown Event Guide

Alright, I’m ready to share the experience as through testing I have more or less understood how it all ticks.


  • Complete a pop-up quest with Lor’themar/Genn in the city
  • Make a questing tour Orgrimmar -> Crossroads or Stormwind -> Darkshire.
  • Back into capital, take a quest to Argent Crusade grounds in Northrend and a quest to kill Nathanos.
  • Note: Icecrown and Nathanos questgivers are standing side-by-side and these quests are available after you return from Crossroads/Darkshire.
  • Crowds of players can make you miss the Light’s Chapel (Nathanos) questgiver. It is important that you see Nathanos cinematic after kill only if you have a yellow quest for killing him.
  • Complete Nathanos quest first – as you get 5 tokens and can park in Icecrown after.
  • Then proceed to Northrend and complete Icecrown yellow quests until you unlock world quests (without this you cannot see or interact with the open world rares!)
  • Also a blue quest about collecting scourgestones is of vital importance, as you will be then able to trade scourgestones for Argent Commendation tokens.

Rares (or Bosses) of Icecrown

Nathanos Blightcaller is a weekly world quest in Eastern Plaguelands, and he drops 115 level weapons for your spec. In terms of transmog these are weapons from Darkshore warfront.

Rares aka mini-bosses are world bosses in Icecrown. Their appearance is marked on mini-map with a purple skull, you get an announcement in zone chat, and you have a minute to fly there until it spawns and becomes vulnerable.

These rares are bosses from dungeons and raids of WotLK – a homage to the favorite undead expansion. In terms of transmog this means: you can get the very same loot appearances they had in original content, so probably you don’t need it – or you could farm this in WotLK content later… or now. So no rush here.

In terms of gear though: these bosses drop about 25-40 scourgestones each, and every 25 scourgestones could be traded for 3 Argent Commendation currency tokens. Also they have a chance to drop gear of a solid item level of 110.

Loot of note: Bronjahm may drop an excellent 34-slot bag, and Skadi may drop the very same elusive drake from the Utgarde dungeon. Keyword: may.

Icecrown Bosses’ Spawn Timer

The bosses spawn in the very specific order every 20 minutes, so anytime you login you would know where you currently are and which boss comes next. See this brillliant map above (alas, not of my making, but I would do the very same thing if I haven’t found this first).

The world chat is also most helpful: people post TomTom coordinates (outdated stuff), put down the new feature – map pins – for everyone to see, and explain in words who and where comes next – if you only ask.

Once the boss spawns, you will get a chat notice and could just open the regular UI map to see the purple skull: a minute while it spawns since first announcement is quite enough to reach it in time and tag the miserable thing.

Also there is an addon if you can’t live without addons, well – not in my case.

Trading Scourgestones

Once you did the first blue quest about them, you will be able to give in x25 scourgestones for x3 Argent Commendations tokens and get a number of gear for Commendations from the same vendor.

  • 15 argents = toy (which cannot be added to collection yet)
  • 20 argents = ghoul pet
  • 15 argents = a token of 100 gear by choice

With a total of 170 tokens you can buy everything, so that’s our goal. You will complete a recolor of Arathi warfront transmog for your armor type. If you want extra armor type recolors, bring in your alts which will have to earn 135 tokens per armor type.

As you earn about 30 argents per first hour, it is most advised to bring in alts: for example, 2 of my cloth toons together have earned 4/9 items of their cloth set in one hour. By the time I drive all my cloth alts through the intro, I will collect the whole set and won’t have to farm anything else.

As you earn an appearance for the Alliance, it gets Horde’s counterpart, and vice versa. Sometimes “it does not count” for your alts: for example, my Horde/Alliance duo have earned 4 items together, shared 3 of them, but wrists from the Alliance toon did not count for the Horde one. If this happens, you may need to relog several times.

Of course, you can also gear up further: track which armor slots are below ilvl 100 and purchase these very tokens.


Dailies are scarce: so far only 2, and they give 3 argents each. So they’re worth doing only while you’re waiting for bosses. More will be added in the next week, but it’s not an activity which takes a lot of time.

So in general the gameplay is reduced to boss hunting – and that is surprisingly fun. It really, really doesn’t let you go – we’re in a “Mom, one more boss, and I go to bed, I swear!” situation.

Summary: What to Do During Scourge Event?

  • Complete the story and open world quests/rares
  • Complete the quest and open the scourgestone vendor
  • Complete a couple of dailies every day
  • Collect scourgestones from bosses and trade them for argent commendations currency
  • Hunt bosses for a chance of gear, scourgestones and extra loot
  • Trade all scourgestones for argents and buy gear tokens for transmog and upgrades

Gear up: ilvl 100 for every armor slot for currency, ilvl 110 is a chance of drop from rares, and ilvl 115 is a guaranteed drop from Nathanos world boss by quest.

Have a nice day! And I’m off for the boss hunting :) It’s fun!

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