Death’s Rising Guide: What to Do During Pre-Patch Icecrown/Scourge Invasion?

It is ironic how Battle for Azeroth, deemed to be one of the “worst” expansions by many along with Cataclysm and Draenor (not me though in any of these cases), appeared to be also the longest one. I think we could thank Covid for that, because whichever cool and natural work from home could be for IT/gaming companies, it still required a massive revamp of developing processes – especially with such a juggernaut like Blizzard.

Anyways, the taxing waiting time is finally over, and in just two days we will all rightfully step into the next chapter of WoW. Cosmetics and leveling were a certain way to kill some time, yet the real deal – that is, new lore and content, begins with the Scourge invasion event.

So, things to do during Death’s Rising event:

Scourge Invasions

A replica of a zombie event from WotLK, it allows you to participate in an apocalyptic event in your faction capital. You can either fight zombies or turn into zombie yourself.

My take: hard pass. I may spend about 30 minutes to get the idea, but it’s not the kind of thing I’m rooting for.

Death’s Rising Story and World Quests

Obviously I’m doing it – with at least 4 toons. It does not only tell you the story, but grants access to world quests in Icecrown. Naturally I will need at least 4 toons – per armor type – to collect the event-specific recolors of Horde/Alliance sets, similar to Arathi warfronts.

During story and world quests you will earn Argent Commendations – the pre-patch specific currency. With a total of 170 you can purchase all the items (a full blue armor set, a toy and a ghoul pet). Toy and pet purchased, the further sets for another armor type alts will require 135 commendations each. It seems it’s gonna be quick, as you get a massive amount of currency during the initiate story. The good thing is: you purchase armor tokens of choice, so you’re not required to farm the content and get 3 boots in a row.

Transmog for Factions: it is yet of question whether earning an armor piece would automatically add its counterpart to another faction’s transmog. It worked this way on both warfronts, so I can’t see why not.

Gear level: the new tokens are of blue quality and ilvl 100 (Ny’alotha Normal), so it would be wise to push forward the least geared alts while pursuing transmog and quest goals as your Argent Champions. I’ll think about that. If I have plenty of spare time, it’s the easiest way to gear them up very quickly and prepare for Shadowlands.

Weapons, Trinkets and Rings in Icecrown Scourge Event

One more way of getting gear is a solid number of world bosses in Icecrown. A purple skull will mark the appearance of a WotLK raid or dungeon boss raising from the dead, and you’re welcome to kill them for a chance of armor, weapons, rings and trinkets drop. We are interested in transmogs, so here goes:

Patchwerk: 2H Axe (Strength)
Trollgore: 2H Sword (Strength)
Ingvar: 2H Axe (Strength)
Garfrost: 2H Mace (Strength)
Novos: 1H Mace (Strength)
Lana’thel: 2H Polearm (Agility)
San’layn Princes: 1H Fist (Agility)
Krik’thir: 1H Dagger (Agility)
The Black Knight: 1H Sword (Intellect)
Tyrannus: Shield (Strength/Intellect)
Tharon’ja: Shield (Strength/Intellect)

There’s no information yet about MM/BM Hunters’ weapons and caster Staves/Off-Hands. All gear, trinkets, rings and weapons are also of ilvl 100.

Also Nathanos Blightcaller is a weekly world boss in Eastern Plaguelands which you may try to kill: once for quest and twice for loot chance until Shadowlands release. He drops various gear including weapons.

So this is basically it:

  • Scourge invasions in capitals (for fun)
  • New story (for lore and pre-patch WQ and event access)
  • New world boss: Nathanos Blightcaller (for fun and loot)
  • Dailies and bosses in Icecrown to quicky gear up alts and earn transmogs

All in all the task of gearing up and collecting everything does not seem impossible to complete very soon (probably even on week 1), but I would not wait until the last moment.

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