Trivia: Whereabouts

The funny thing is, with all the new rotations and customizations:

  • I do not want any new characters. I really, really have enough of them, and my roster covers everything I need in terms of classes and personalities. This is to the extent that my fresh leveled alt Guldra will be deleted today without remorse or a second thought. Now that I know how new leveling and gearing up works, she served her duty and might retire.
  • Now that my characters got their fresh looks and new rotations, I’m too eager to go for an adventure. Yet… there’s none :) An excruciating dead end: I really want to actually play WoW, but I don’t know what to do there :)

In other words, the expansion delay hit me on the head with all its cruelty. The content provided with pre-patch release was explored in full: new rotations, barbershop, leveling, new ilvl and gearing up. Worst of all, we don’t have a release or pre-patch event date yet.

Thankfully I was able to cancel my planned Oct 27 week vacation. And what’s even better, it’s not required immediately to schedule a new one: I’ve just said it’s gonna be around the end of November (+/- a week or two). I’m really hoping that at least the pre-patch Icecrown/undead event will be up by this time. Still, dates from Blizzard would be super welcome and nice.

Yogg, Nalak and Oondasta are still on the grid – with no luck. Mostly I want to get rid of the Nalak “encounter”: he has no exact timer (12 minute-ish, while Oondasta is exactly 15), and I simply hate staring at the sky where he spawns, as well as the Thunder Isle terrains in general. Anyways, the whole endeavor takes about 1 day to complete.

Headless Horseman is a thing, although I’m very, very surprised by the queues. While tanks and healers fit in normal 1-5 minutes queue window, DPS are waiting hard. The holiday dungeon (!) queues are now taking more than LFR for damage dealers! Yesterday I’ve experienced a 38-minute and a 52-minute waiting time. WTF is everyone doing? You know those stupid “you can’t queue for more than 9 dungeons/hour” Blizzard limit, right? Well, I never experienced one this year: because queues are so long!

Well, as long as we have nothing to do anyways, let’s queue and watch some series on a screen nearby – with series being the main attraction :)

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