Sprite Darter’s Wings: What’s the Buzz?

…tell me what’s happening?

An unexpected gift from Blizzard arrived today in Battlenet launcher – a transmog set of a fairy moth. It’s quite amusing, notably wings, although the chest piece makes woman character butts look three sizes bigger :)

It caused a shitstorm that I did not expect though – negative comments prevail. The thing is, it is available as a gift for 6-month subscribers and then it migrates to Battlenet shop.

Guys, come on. It’s no wonder they want to warm up the subs as the expansion is being delayed. It’s not the first time Blizzard offers loyalty gifts – most recently a flying mouse mount (cute!) and a flying ship mount during BfA. It’s not a power up that renders your toon overpowered or something you can’t play without. It’s not that the transmog sets now move to the shop.

And in no universe the set designers are responsible for class design and are the reason of delaying Shadowlands. Yes, there are still plenty of geniuses that think Blizzard is some single entity (probably Ion Hazzikostas in person) that cannot work on story, music, visuals and gameplay simultaneously, or that there could be multiple jobs in game dev. Besides, the set was datamined as far as patch 8.2.5.

I really, really can’t understand this shit. People complaining that loyalty gift is uhm… a loyalty gift (exactly what it says on the cover)? It’s like complaining that raid sets are earned in raids, or you have to trap pets in pet battles to use them for pet battles.

Enjoying my wings.


5 thoughts on “Sprite Darter’s Wings: What’s the Buzz?

  1. Doesn’t make sense to me. It’s probably one of those tasks assigned to newer artists employed to allow them to create something. I have subbed for 11 years continuously, and I pay month to month. I understand the savings by paying for 6 or 12 months, but I prefer to keep my credit card bill at only $30ish a month, not shelling out $180 every 6 months. So I don’t get the special perks, BoE do I get any additional with expansions since I buy the bare bones version. As cool as some things are, it’s not a must have for me. My only added expense was paying for a race change the other day. That’s the first purchase for me in over 8 years beyond my sub and expansions. Would I go after something like that if it was in game? Maybe, but not for my shadowpriest

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  2. I’m enjoying trolling people about the wings. So much anger. My flamboyantly naked gnome rogue is sporting his wings proudly. The only thing that would make him any better for trolling people is if they added a pride flag toy that you could carry (kind of like the PVP prestige pendants that straps a faction flag to your back).

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  3. There is no way Blizzard doing anything without some people getting upset about it, Blizzard cloud give each player a corgi mount for free and some will complain about it … but for real, i want corgi mount :-D

    Anyway, never mind them, enjoy the wings.

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