Pre-Patch Day 1: Class Changes and Barbershop

The patch launch was yet again seamless and sooner than scheduled: I was able to login at 11.30 a.m. instead of announced 4 p.m. – that is, 4-5 hours earlier. There was work to do, so I really sank my teeth in it in the evening.

The first goal was pretty simple: to login with every toon, adjust talents, scroll through the spellbook for changes, and then finish the toon’s acquiantance with patch in barbershop. That took me all the time, and I haven’t managed to do anything else yet. In the same manner I’m rolling toon by toon, spec by spec. Long post warning. Go!

Micromantica – Frost Mage

My main didn’t get any substantial changes – hooray! Talents were clicked off quickly, my major spell range is intact. Of notable things: I’ve got a couple of offensives from other specs (completely useless), also a Mirror Image offensive cooldown is back (why not).

Micromantica is my first toon, and her image stays as it was. I wanted to change eye color green to blue (because ice), but blue appeared to be bleak, so it’s some new color in between green and blue. Done!

Jellica – Holy Priest

Now she got some piercing blue eye! Other than that, I’m quite happy with her looks.

As for Holy spec: the healing arsenal and talents seem to be quite the same, which is good: I hate re-education in healing specs! Of notice are the offensive spells: with Shadow Words: Pain & Death I’ll be popping enemies sooner – which is good.

Myrki – Destruction Warlock

Again: just an eye recolor. For now it’s warlock’s fel green instead of initiate brown.

As for spec, it remained the very same. Of notable changes: warlocks got a TON of curses back, so harassment is in order. The best of all is the one that slows spellcasting: no interrupts was quite painful in many cases.

Pins – Subtlety Rogue

The girl just got her eyes bright blue instead of transparent blue – much like Jellica. I considered red eyes, but it gives such a vampiric look! Coolest one, mind you, but Pins is not ready yet to rip throats with her teeth. She’s got knives for that!

Speaking of knives: Subtlety returned Slice & Dice, Rupture and Poisons. The idea of gameplay stays the same, but I will need to play with it a while to adjust my brain to these changes.

Paitsu – Windwalker Monk

Just an eye recolor: green to brown. I’m not even sure of this change: maybe I’ll get back to where we started.

The spec remained intact, with minor changes to a couple of spells.

Mindebad – Frost Death Knight

No eye recolors for death knights, she walks as perfect as she comes. No changes to spec either: maybe a couple of talents, but nothing I would notice.

Jagda – Elemental Shaman

Just an eye recolor – to piercing blue again. There was an awesome long haired new option, but it covered one eye – something I really hate :) We’ll see.

As for elemental shaman, the spec plays very much same tune. Nothing to care about.

Maylune – Balance Druid

Nothing vital in her appearance, except for a necklace. Yet I picked all the shapeshifting forms I wanted!

The spec has some vital changes to rotation: an Eclipse scale is back. I haven’t tested it yet, but I liked the system a lot before Legion. It’s a major change, and I will need to run some quests and adjust: the whole rotation would feel very-very different. Also, their shapeshifting forms are not too useless now: a couple of spells were added there. So if I turn into a bear while in Balance, I could actually tank something for a while, not just die :)

Anibell – Retribution Paladin

Again, very small changes: piercing blue eyes and piercing blue locket. I love her looks a lot. I must say though that the choice of human options is STUNNING!

As for spec, there are too many spells now. Of most notable: we’ve got a finisher. The core rotation did not change, problem are the multiple auxiliaries. Talents are almost the same.

Oluu – Retribution Paladin

Nuff said, not even a pic – everything remained the same.

Geruu – Mistweaver Monk

Finally, someone had a new haircut! This girlish, very convenient braid is perfect for my monk, she heals but also fights barehanded. As a healer, she got her tail adorned.

She’s got some fighting utillity – a killing blow; heals remained the same with a couple of spells in and out.

Myde – Marksmanship Hunter

Now we have fun! New haircolor, new haircut, awesome vines and new eyecolor – the looks are to die for! Everything went just as planned on PTR.

Marksmanship has got a load of “useful” things (like seeing through the eyes of your pet… yay?), yet one coolest offensive I’ve missed since Draenor: the Kill Shot finisher! This hyped me up a lot, and the main rotation also stayed the same. Awesome!

Kalaari – Survival Hunter

I wanted to keep her fantasy of the Moonlight Hunter, so she’s been already perfect. The only minor change is her headband, color swap to fit the transmog color scheme.

Survival hunters got themselves several new shots. Kill Shot is a fucking yay, same as Marksmanship. Yet I don’t see any use in Arcane or Steady shot. It can be used only with a ranged weapon… erm, why would a Surv would ever want to wield a bow? Otherwise, the core rotation is still a mix of old ranged and melee abilities – through talents you can amplify which you’d like to use more often. Most versatile and customized gameplay imo.

Zindari – Holy Priest

Her new looks are to die for! The new haircut, the seawave hair, the blue eyes – she’s just gorgeous! Holy’s been described before.

Gorgul – Arms Warrior

Lots of changes with him! He got his beard and sideburns, most awesome grime aka shade over his eyes, eyes became… guess what? Blue of course :)

Not a lot of changes to Arms itself… except that you can use some Protection spells now. Oh, only you need to have a shield for that (lolwut?). The core rotation is intact, so I can’t really imagine a situation where these blows could be used. Weird – and weirder.

Rottenshield – Subtlety Rogue

She’s a super beauty! Eye color: yes, that. Also white hair, and no bones out of weird places. Now she’s like a most beautiful and dangerous snake. Ooh, shivers. Her blade ambitions were previously discussed in Pins’ section.

Jammu – Balance Druid

Nothing really changed except for eye color… no, not blue, but brown :) Also adjusted her druid forms to match the skin color. She’s yet to learn Balance too.

Jakatti – Fire Mage

Almost same stuff as with my Micromantica: little to no changes to rotation. She’s got a new eye color: now it’s dangerous red, it doesn’t just fit her spec, but spices her up a lot! Now she’s perfect (and she wasn’t before).

Fearella – Affliction Warlock

Her eye color ot green because warlock, no major appearance changes.

The spec though! Affliction has returned to its pre-Legion model: a straightforward, comprehensible appliance of DoTs and a Drain Soul filler. No more chaotic burst damage windows, manamanagement and all. Me likey: whenever Fearella enters Shadowlands, it’s gonna be Affliction.

Schlitzchen – Enhancement Shaman

The hair color is new and not final, also she got brown eyes.

The spec has most changes than any other spec. She even went to practice with target dummies, and has yet to figure out how everything works now. Also now I don’t have a single free slot on my action bars – duh. Could live without all the auxiliaries?

Rikkit – Fury Warrior

New haircut and new eye color! Now she feels so wild and awesome!

As for spec, it’s the same as with Arms: the core rotation and talents almost intact, yet there are some weird spies from other specs… shields what?



  • Barbershop experience was amazing, and the variety of NPC and player appearance options will bring wonder to me every time!
  • Specs and classes remained largely intact, Blizzard did not break what was working.
  • Enhancement shaman, subtlety rogue, hunters and retribution paladin need field practice – at once.

What’s next? Exile’s Reach starting questline for both races.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Patch Day 1: Class Changes and Barbershop

  1. You’re lucky you don’t have a shadow priest, some of us have to learn to play from scratch… At least they have transparent eyes and transparent hairstyle, so don’t have to visit barbershop.


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