Trivia: Reset Day

Another week has passed, and it brought a number of different things.


This beauty was a result of finalizing the multi-run Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider:


Quite simple, but the last one requires to start the Deathwing fight with each of the platforms, ergo four runs with paying attention were required.


We have the technology, and 1-2 more runs in Horrific Visions this week when we get the backpack transmog and forget about this activity for good.

Quite unexpected: I’ve met Tinkmaster Overspark, the Mechagon Alliance enthusiast leader in older raid! You just had to look back :)


Transmog runs are most productive – as you know, I have a quota of competing 2 sets per day, I do that and sometimes even more! Most of the empty slots are on the verge of completion, with 1-2 items lacking:



Yesterday I got some very rare stuff like Warrior’s boots for Icecrown Heroic which now comes only from Shivermaw boss in Legion’s version of Violet Hold (double random! you need this boss to proc, and then for it to drop the required item), Warrior’s Heart of Fear trash-only bracers from Normal, Death Knight’s trash-only LFR boots from Tomb of Sargeras. The idea is quite simple: um, keep trying :)

Also it occurred to me that I could sell BoE drops in AH? They cost thousands, and think of all the stuff I sold or destroyed! Better late than never.

I’ve bought all the pterrordax Exalted mounts, so now we only want 333333 for frog mount, and be done with expenses.

I’ll devote a day to Kul Tiran Archeology in the coming holidays: 5/10 items to go for the Pristines achievement. Then again, I always have a number of arakkoa and Draenor clans’ items to dig and display.

There’s something I call Gnomification, and that’s what I did yesterday:



My human death knight, while most beautiful in static position, felt slow and hard working in fights, so Mindebad is back!

The warrior was swapped from vulpera. I’ve developed my problem with foxes, and that’s sexual dimorphism they lack. Of course if you compare males and females – from the front – you’ll be able to tell the difference, but they don’t have something standalone that says “girls”. So I could live with my fire mage which at least wears robes, but warrior during gameplay feels totally like a male character, and knowing that it’s a girl simply ripped my mind apart. So: I’ve remembered proud times of my warrior in Legion, and it’s a gnome again, and I think of maybe making it THE tank in Shadowlands – just for the sakes of role diversity?

There’s reputation and experience bonuses going on which I totally ignore. There’s no need or a slightest desire to level any toons – I still have all the options I need both in gameplay and roleplay terms.

Reset in an hour, let’s go get some more transmogs!


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