Trivia: Mount Shower!

Yesterday was a day of major finance movement and big purchases in my Alliance camp. All toons have sent their cash to Pins the Rogue who is my Mechagon Exalted. For this very purpose:


So, I’ve finally got the mount and scratch out this thought from my bucket list! It’s also the most expensive mount I’ve bought so far, and due to its size and clunkiness – most useless :) Seriously: with that approach, mechagnomes surpassed goblins in their greed.

Pins had some change left, so she went for a couple of remaining gryphons from Proudmoore and Stormsong;


And just so, with the final gryphon it’s conveniently an achievement:


The reward for it is most useless:


I mean come on, it doesn’t even fly!

My Alliance roster now is officially broke. I left them all with 10k each – aka transmog allowance, and Pins has a mighty 23k :) Way to go to old raids! I think I need about 30-50k on each toon to feel confident by Shadowlands. On the bright side, there’s literally nothing where they need to spend gold in BfA from now on!

The Horde is yet to purchase many faction mounts, and they have their own big project: Krag’wa frog mount for 333333 gold. They are yet to put their shit up.


I’ve finally set my foot firmly to Horrific Visions. I think for the first time I burned all vessels down, and 1 research + 5k for backpack is left to finalize this activity – it’s no more than 3-4 extra runs. The runs are most casual, the only orb I use is during the final Alleria/Thrall boss to ignore all their mechanics for a while and burn them faster. Also this:


I’m not hunting for 100k achievement – easy as it is, it’s also a pointless grind.

10k/12k with Rajani/Uldum Accord, it’s the final leg towards Exalted.


Not that I needed it, but I’m glad I have at least one grid filled to max:



During mogu invasion I met this weird thing:


Is it a toy or some easter egg? It does nothing, and you can’t interact with it! I imagine he sings “toss a coin to your witcher” – fits perfectly :)

Now it’s a weekly reset in an hour, and I start this week with classic raids and Vault of Archavon :) Transmog farming goes on great. I think I’m adding The Nighthold/Emerald Nightmare runs on Normal later – great cash flow and relatively easy/not too annoying.

See you when new things will happen!


2 thoughts on “Trivia: Mount Shower!

  1. Congrats on all the new mounts!
    Hah, your “broke” is the point where I start to think “wow, this character is starting to have a decent amount of money” — and 1.5-2K is what I usually try to leave characters with as a Mogging allowance when I’m funneling cash to one character for a big AH purchase :P

    The bush chicken with the lute in Mistfall Village has been there since the beginning — he’s just easy to overlook.


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