Trivia: So Much Transmog!

Kamalia poked me yesterday in the comments wondering if I’m ok – I didn’t realise it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post! Thank you kindly for your concern!

To answer all future questions, I’m safe and sound, me and my wife are working from home and limit our walks to 100-yards area for grocery and pharmacy shops. And if I had a Covid that I noticed, it would be also a great theme for a blog post! :)

I’m tracking the scraps of Shadowlands datamining – most notably brand new race looks enhancement and gameplay systems. I’m fine with “African-Azerothian” versions of major races – the more customization the better. Scars, eye and hair colors, tattoes are all great! I think that my main – gnome mage – can and will finally try on frosty blue eyes and keep the face intact! And there will be a lot of tweaks and thousands of gold spent in pre-patch once it goes live.

I’ve read about Torghast today’s morning – and there is an awesome solution (at least on paper) that will limit your run. No time limit – it’s a huge yay! It will only depend on your skill and lack of awareness. If you die X times, you will awake some “Gru” creature which will slowly walk from the beginning of Torghast dungeon, and when it reaches you – it will inevitably kill you.

This is cool in so many aspects. You need to be careful, you need to pull responsibly, and well, there will eventually be a stage where you cannot defeat enemies, so it’s a natural power limit. Also this slowly walking creature is not something that will send you to hell immediately – you still have a chance to finish dungeon zone while it walks! I expect so many excitement and memes about that, and creature will most surely get its own fanbase. Personification of failures and deaths always does the trick!

In retail, I have 3 cloak researches left with Micromantica, and still a long way to crawl towards 8.3. Exalted. Apart from that, it’s an insane transmog hunt during all my WoW time.

As of April 15:



The quota for every day is finalizing at least 2 full sets, and surprisingly I manage to! Sometimes more, but never less than 2!

I’ve started tracking cash income too, but the results are not as well yet – most cash comes from Cata raids and on, and I’ve been mostly focusing on Wrath raids in the past week. Am I poor?


Yes, and about that last line… I’ve resurrected my dear warlock goblin alt Fearella. It’s been since the beginning of expansion, and she had war campaign untouched, although she was 120 and completed all Zandalar ones. I got her a cloak and item level 426, she’s good to go. I don’t know if I keep her, but Affliction news in class changes look so promising that I just wanted to. Well, at least she helps with warlock set farming :)


Her and Jakatti are now being lazy – it’s a lot of expansion’s yellow questing to do for them, but frankly I don’t feel it obligatory. Maybe in terms of money and azerite? If I’m completely and totally bored?

That’s it for tonight, and I’ll try to make it weekly updates not to freak my dear readers out :) Now, with work for the day done, I’m off to the wonderful world of transmog farming!


One thought on “Trivia: So Much Transmog!

  1. Good to see you!
    Grats on the Mog collecting successes :D
    I’m excited for the option to change eye color without having to pick a whole different face, too — choosing the perfect eye color for each of my characters might be the thing I end up spending the most time on after the new appearances go live.

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