N’Zoth is History!

My (almost) fresh Kalaari the Draenei Survival Hunter was on fire yesterday!

She finalized Nazjatar story and saw Azshara’s end in raid. Nothing special about the encounter, Zaqul had then-problem, now-ridiculous health pool we just burned through, ignoring almost all tactics. Azshara died easily too.

She was on Ny’alotha wing 4 queue as well. Her first run saw us going through Carapace and accumulating 8 stacks on N’Zoth himself. I learnt to type raid warnings, and we did well – and on the final run an experienced tank came and took over. Just as we came to tentacles before final Psychus, my game crashed! It was most frustrating because it never, ever happens to my WoW, and this looked like a successful run. 5 minutes of frantic relaunch – no kill credit, no loot, and raid was over.

I queued again, and this time got straight to 10 stacks, and it was a winning run. More than winning one:


This is the final thing we wanted from N’Zoth, and with all the quest runs done – I’m officially over.

Kalaari went bold after that – it appeared that mail toons have another model of Ny’alotha chest piece. Previously I already had a vest which counts into transmog set, but there’s also a longer robe version to please shamans. It drops from Il’gynoth… and Il’gynoth dropped it to her too this day!

Now there’s only one piece left: dagger for my rogue Pins from Carapace, and we’ll try again next week. But no more N’Zoth in the coming future!

Now I’m switching to alt leveling. Jakatti the Vulpera Fire Mage is 106, insane credit from Legion assaults. Kadabro the Mechagnome started Draenor and is waving her 94 flag, meek 16 levels until achievement, heritage armor and trash bin.

I mused a lot too about new alts too and decided I really want a Lightforged Paladin, it’s been a decision of several weeks. We knew nothing about Lightforged yesterday, and today she’s 34 after 5 dungeons. Yes, she’s a complete double to my human paladin Anibell in terms of gameplay, and yet I need her. Like I always said, I roll new alts because they are completely new characters – characters like in a book. They are personalities, but not because I need “a shaman”, “a tank” or whatever.

So, uhm… yeah.



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