Horrific Visions / Torghast: Best Gating?


My experience with Visions has made me determined with my idea of HV/Torghast gating: there should be none considering attempts.

As you know, you can’t run more than 4 (5?) times per week, and this is way too little. If you accumulate vessels like me and then run them in one sit, this is a week long break between runs. A weekly swap between Stormwind/Orgrimmar doesn’t help either: you are in for the next try after TWO weeks.

The thing is: you need to remember how it actually works, where and which mobs dwell, how many to pull, when to use your cooldowns and everything.

On my first run today I was silly enough to pull more than I should have with 150 sanity remaining => wipe. Even if I fail-safe rezzed, in the next zone I didn’t finish the orb cast before pull (casted Ice Lance too soon!) => wipe. Ergo, I have got one page, and now I will have to get another vessel to finalize my quest.

It’s not that I’m bad – I finished next two runs with three chests complete. I deem this a “not fully awaken” situation, and the penalty was crucial. The attempts cost too much gaming time to be wasted, so I definitely felt like a total failure.

My decision? Most simple.

  • There should be no gating for a number of attempts.
  • But, there should be gating considering upgrade tiers.

Of course nothing could be done today with HV to remove the whole coalesced currency (Blizzard only buffs the income), but there should not be an attempt currency in Torghast.

Why My Design is Best:

Profit for Blizzard: Gating is Still There. The developers can still gate the speed of upgrades by setting a weekly cap. For example, you can explore tier one on week one, tier two on week two and so on. This won’t let players to move on that fast, and this will keep Torghast relevant for as long as they want.

Profit for Players: Goals. This will set a weekly goal for players, and let them rest once it is achieved. Having small, comprehensible goals is highly engaging.

Profit for Players: No Pressure. This will put no pressure on players. If you are not that skilled, if you are picking a new/forgotten alt which is yet to get used to, if you’re trying to hit the cap with tank/healer – in all these situations toons can take as many attempts as they like. Making Torghast runs enjoyable makes them highly replayable, less bothersome and more rewarding!

Profit for Player Alts: Catching Up. This will let your alts to catch up quickly – which doesn’t work currently. If you want your monk out of closet after three months, this model will let you to sit and grind anima (or whatever you grind in Torghast) in one evening of multiple attempts. Your only limit would be current available tier – as for every other player and toon.

But! if you want your monk out of closet, say, in April 2020, you’re not able to catch up with Wrathion’s cloak that fast. You still have a weekly cap limit of efforts, and you still have to spend several weeks to be on the same page as your main or fellow raiders. 

All the same catch up works for main characters. If you have to leave for vacation, you don’t have to worry: when you return, you can upgrade two or three tiers instead of one.

Profit for Blizzard: Alt Gameplay. By encouraging people to play alts via catch up mechanics they are gaining MAU! And on the contrary, if people feel that they must focus on their mains, overall gaming time drops.


If 8.3. is indeed a test-drive for Shadowlands 9.0. and on, Blizzard should already listen now and closely inspect the feedback. I personally would deem this test drive successful if they learn a couple of simple lessons from current gameplay:

  • Players don’t want a grind to get access to content, so no such currency is best currency.
  • Players are tired of endless synergy of dozens of systems – make aspects of the game simple, thing in itself things.
  • Although removing the need to extra grinds seems counterproductive in terms of MAU, it works exactly the other way. It’s just happy players are happy to login even if they reach their goals sooner. While not happy players get tired, bored, frustrated… and put the game on pause or quit.

This is it for tonight!

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