Trivia: In Every Direction

The most important thing is that a plan of having no plan requires several adjustments :)


Most surely I need those weapons from Ny’alotha raid, and that’s my utmost priority. I’m doing great too: with Ra-Den’s fist weapon and Vexiona’s 1H strength axe off the grid this weekend, it’s only a Hivemind’s warglaive and Xanesh’ off-hand to go from the first two wings! So far I think it’s a great progress.

The next wing arrives tomorrow with a solid number of new weapons and new bosses to explore, so I’m eager to push forward. And with Carapace/N’Zoth also holding a number of transmogs (and quest for all toons), we’re far from over. Yet I’ll be optimistic and say that by April-May I have a solid chance to finalize my raiding in Battle for Azeroth.

Running LFR in general becomes all easier as the patch rolls on. As always, people do gear up, and people do learn, so bosses become easier and easier. Thanks to Souldrinker’s golden advice in comments I’m now always doing Xanesh orb runs, and it’s so exciting! If other people don’t mess up, I even manage to cope all by myself sometimes, aka zero personal fails! Even if it’s not uncommon to utter major tactics points before pulls, clearing second wing bosses without wipes becomes normal.

And here’s the leftovers:


Horrific Visions

That is where I need a plan. Currently I’m deepest in them with Micromantica – one page left to level 10. I confidently clear the first three areas with her, but I haven’t tried the hardest areas yet. I’ll try them once I have more corruption resistance – hopefully at level 10? I learned to use 8.3. food to help me – once you eat a specific one that heals you once in several seconds, your mage suddenly CANNOT die from damage, so all you need to bother about is Sanity, and that’s just great! You can pick other food buffs too – 5 different ones.

My other toons range between level 4-7, and this is where I need a plan. When I ran a Vision with demon hunter, I simply cried about how much easier it is with her compared to mage – even if she doesn’t have that many research and cloak level! And she also can double jump and fly over the Stormwind channels!

I think I may want to perform some test runs with all toons and just pick my champion for 5-goal achievements. My best guess that it’s gonna be a quick melee toon with brainless AoE like fury warrior/demon hunter or a hunter. Horrific Visions for me are just a thing in itself – I don’t actually require my cloak upgrades for running Ny’alotha. So my target now is simply Wrathion’s awards and 5-goal achievement for Stormwind/Orgrimmar, and that’s where I call it quits.

Aqir Mount

I’m running it daily – currently about 1800/5000 of the last leg, and the last leg I hate. Two types of quests yet: first, it was taking your pet to fighting endgame mobs. I simply don’t have a clue how its rep bar progress works, and it pisses me off. I think there should be a solid guaranteed number per this quest – granted you don’t die in the process.

The second trouble was a pet battle quest which I hated. It has all the issues why I don’t find high level pet battles amusing. You see, you’re supposed to have at least some chance to win if you’re trying rock-paper-scissors. And no, it didn’t work. It never, ever does with boss fights. But then someone would discover a specific pet setup which will let you to curb and stomp wihtout a wink. I don’t think this is exciting – well, it is only to those who discover this setup first. The whole “complexity” of pet boss fights is about learning the spell range of all your 800+ pets and remembering the one that will kill a current boss.

So, I tried first by myself, bringing in different options that either receive less damage from its abilities, or do increased damage themselves. After half an hour of futile attempts (not even close to win) Sha of Desperation engulfed me, I went to Wowhead. I leveled my aqir to level 9 so it didn’t die immediately and dragged some attention from the enemy – that was not necessary, but still. And I bought a second Chrominius pet level 25 for 12k at AH. Two Chrominius pets destroyed the mantid in a blink. NOT exciting, and I simply hope that pet battles will be a thing in themselves – preferably in a separate mobile app.

Side note: I also couldn’t “learn” the pet when I got it! And it wasn’t a bug – tech support explained that I simply… have 1000 pets, and that’s the threshold. I had to let the doubles free! Still this delayed me for a couple of days.

Transmogs and Leveling

Said and done: three runs in Siege of Orgrimmar, and I’ve completed both hunter and shaman mythic sets! The goal was actually hunter, because leveling draenei needs it. And I got so excited that I completed it that I simply drove her 65 to 80 to be able to transmog… then a bit more… and a bit more…

Lo, Kalaari now is 94, wears shiny draenei colors of light blue and yellow, and she doesn’t bother to stop :)


I will need her to calm down a bit: Ny’alotha goes first! So, until weekend.

6 thoughts on “Trivia: In Every Direction

  1. Interdimensional Pet Portal
    Item Level 110
    Binds when picked up
    Use: Set the total pet maximum for your account to 2000. Usable once per account. Consumed on use.

    I got rid of a bunch of my doubles and kind of regret it. I’m a-guessing that you don’t have the tokens to buy this but it might be worth the investment.


  2. The pet battles are Legendary, which means they scale to the average (or maybe highest) level of your pets in the battle. So you can go with an all level 1 lineup and it’s fairly reasonable with any pets from the best family for the fight. I don’t have any pets levelled, so I was very disappointed until I found out about this.

    Of course, now that you’ve levelled your Aqir pet to 9, this won’t work, as you’d have to have other level 9s. I don’t know if you can reduce your pet’s level back to 1.


  3. “…of all your 800+ pets”
    Oh, my sweet summer child… Back in the days, life with just 800+ pets was so easy and full of joy. Now, with almost 1200 uniques I don’t even care which new color of rats & cockroaches have ben added to the game.
    Also – yikes with these prices. 12K for Crominius seems to be too much. You have a lot of high-level alts – why not check if any of them still have a quest for a free upgrade stone in Draenor Harrison? At least this way you can purchase lvl1 pets when in need.
    As for the petbattles – they are tedious and not fun at all, kinda like raids or M+: you either follow the predetermined strategy or you lose. A lot. I’d recommend for the strats for any pet battle since Pandaria, you can even check “alternatives” if you don’t have some rare ones.


    • I didn’t know about Garrison quest either :) Hopefully I’ll see no more than one more pet battle on my way to mount, and be in blissful neglect with pets for a while (forever would be perfect).


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