Trivia: Scraping the Remains

During the workday week nothing special happened in the game to boast with. I’ve realised how scarce is my gaming time with new content bubbling, lots of alts, and goddamn mount farming time :) Love Rocket runs eat away about at least 1,5 hours daily, and I hardly have time for anything else!

Anyways, Love is dismissed from the Air today, and I’ll be glad to return to my routines.

The biggest thing during weekend would be winning three remaining weapon models from LFR’s first wings: a caster off-hand from Xanesh, a fist weapon from Ra-Den, and I believe a warglaive unique for demon hunters drops from Hivemind. So Melaris the DH and Schlitzchen the Shaman are in the spotlight this weekend, supported by caster toons. Collecting all available weapons before the next wing is a very ambitious goal, yet very possible!

Other than that, it’s assaults and HV on random toons, maybe a bit of leveling. And ooh, I scrolled through the hunter’s transmogging archives and spotted the PERFECT set for my leveling Draenei Survivalist: the blue-and-gold mythic version from Siege of Orgrimmar! So yes, I’m planning to farm the hell out of it with my major hunter Myde and probably both shaman. It’s gonna be an urgent task, because Kalaari can wear it already at level 80, and I’ve got only shoulders so far.

See you on the other side of the weekend and see what it brings us!

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