Patch 8.3.: Delving Deep

So, I’ve added 3 more travel destinations to my visited checklist – Pisa, Florence and Rimini – and I’m back to my working, gaming and blogging routines :)

So. While in queues I’m earning HV vessels and running Visions. They have drifted into being quite a lesiure activity. Right after a raid run I would switch to another toon and leave whatever vessels I’ve earned until next time. Still, Visions are nowhere boring!

I’m always glad to run them if I feel like doing it. I like how they are pushing my limits on so many levels: planning (goals, orbs, class cooldowns), strategy, tactics and class/spec skills in general. I’m not in a rush and diligently working on cloak upgrading quests. Yet I manage to push on and succeed! For example, three completed goals with cloak level 8 and ilvl 439 felt pretty cool:


Hopefully when I have all upgrades I’ll be able to complete 5-goals achievements.

My biggest focus nowadays is raiding. While I was away, the second Ny’alotha wing became available in LFR. My traditional “A Peep Into…” post with boss impressions is coming! Spoiler: it’s been brutal :)

My weekend raid runs have been most fruitful! I’ve got four or five weapons – that’s a lot, and it relieves my toons from their duties. I was most impressed when my hunter just went and won both Survival items – a staff and a polearm, so basically she’s on standby until N’Zoth trials for the gun drop.

Yes, btw: my hunter is now a “she”. Her history of race swapping orc -> goblin -> human -> gnome -> dwarf is now complete with another iteration: a night elf called Myde xD My dwarf was actually fine, but I didn’t develop bonds with a bearded guy (seemed too serious – ergo dull), and once I spotted a random night elf’s shooting animations during a world boss encounter, it was set and done. Also this is where Thoridal now belongs:


Other minor things:

  • Larva is almost a grown-up – next iteration coming in a day or two.
  • Midway through Honored with both factions with Micromantica.
  • Slowly leveling all leveling toons. Quite a rest from major activities.
  • A week late for Love Rocket runs, but I’m on it with my full roster.

In general, currently I’m quite enjoying myself. The priority are weapon models from LFR, and it will take a while. Then I’ll switch to my Horrific Visions, reputations and other completionist goals – whatever will not be completed on the way.


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