Ny’alotha: A Peep into Vision of Destiny


The traditional raid wing review will start with a simple fact: we’re so weak, and LFR is so overtuned by now.

Let’s start with infamous trash. Definitely, very definitely we’te not able to AoE packs, and we have to pull very, very carefully one by one. Mechanics are very punishing, which is excessive for trash, but I predict that people will learn their ways around. The cornerstone of Ny’alotha trash is learning the most dangerous mobs and just focusing them one by one. Most brutal so far are Maut’s anubis proxy mobs – I guess the way around is focusing one of them when obsidian thing happens to survive a single shatter blast.

What of the bosses?

Wrathion is not heavy on mechanics. It’s your dragon slayer’s routine in effect for every dragon since WotLK (maw and tail areas are bad news). It’s watching where he teleports and running in the opposite direction – actually one of the awesome and exciting moments. Then there’s scale soaking – I did not figure out how this works, but probably a mage shouldn’t do that, as it took 95% from my health with another player. And basically this is it.

What is not neat is that boss is way overtuned. Our DPS was so insufficient that the fight seemed endless, and mechanics gradually wiped us out in small numbers. I think we had three wipes – first one due to cataclysm (obv), second one due to scales thing, and third one people learning to survive in general and building an extra stack for the kill. For the very first raid boss – this is definitely an insane health pool, and unforgiving mechanics don’t help.

Surprisingly enough, Maut felt a lot easier. There were a couple of learning wipes, but in general it clicked with most players very fast. Kill adds asap, hide from explosions in void pools, and stack for insane DPS and heals during obsidian phase while catching orbs.

I liked very much how most mechanics here have a double purpose, so everything you do serves two goals at once. Mostly the fight is about execution of quite comprehensible stuff, and the grounds don’t turn into a mess as the encounter rolls on. DPS was more than sufficient, so we’re good here. The boss is my favorite in the first wing.

Side note: imagine our frustration when he entered the last obsidian phase with 50k health!

Prophet Skitra is hilarious. The challenge here is being in a PuG :) He does absolutely nothing specifically dangerous to kill you, and you’re your worst enemy – that’s quite fresh. We wiped for like 5 times as we tried multiple strategies, and eventually came up with this: you assign ground marks between blue and red teams (for example, top 4 from the list for the blue team and bottom four for the red team). When illusions pop up, every team marks its own bosses, and the one with two marks is the one to kill. The guessing excitement is very cool, and I only hope that the majority of players will learn the routine. Also +100 points for cackling! And yet I’ll be relieved when the encounter is off the grid – too bad it holds some transmog weapons.

For reason unknown, this hard earned victory did not result in a wing achievement! For reason unknown, only Skitra counted. A possible problem could be that I teleported outside before third boss for repairs? Anyways, it’s not how this should work, and I reported the bug.

Loot: trinket from Skitra, a welcome improvement.

Resolution: despite the questionable Skitra design for PuG, I like the first wing boss mechanics very much. I enjoy the whole eldritch atmosphere and quite logical assortment of Old God troops: naturally, it’s a bug show with a spruce of cultists and egyptian constructs. So lorewise the raid entrance has to be in Uldum?

One more positive thing is the design of Ny’alotha platforms. It has an amazing vibe of something very industrial – as they are intact, devoid of any growth, random stones or ruins (for a change!). And the size of them, like in factories and industrial territories, is very disproportional for a human being. You’re just being suppressed by the mere size of walking distances and constructions scale, makes you feel like an insect – and that is simply awesome.

On the downside – Wrathion and trash seem overtuned. But we will see if that changes as players gear up and gain some experience. Will Ny’alotha be a good raid to queue for the last months of Battle for Azeroth? The verdict is: yes.


One thought on “Ny’alotha: A Peep into Vision of Destiny

  1. The double-marking on Skitra is interesting, probably a PUG thing to have both tanks mark. On normal in my guild, we just have one tank mark their realm until the other tank spots one that overlaps, and then burn it. It was harder the first week, but with familiarity it becomes simple.

    I’ll be waiting to read how LFR manages the soccer on Xanesh, though! :)

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