Trivia: Be Prepared!

This weekend was most productive as I’m racing towards Ny’alotha LFR.

First of all, ding Defend the Vale! Now we have to kill N’Zoth and be done with quest achievements for 8.3.:


Apart from that, Micromantica did not do much. She saw the (probably) final yellow questline about mantid swarm in Dread Wastes and acquired an amber capsule for a mount egg. Yes, I’m slacking this a lot :) Something has to be done about bug daycare.

Delays in loading environment are fun :) Sometimes you can see Val’sharah without trees, and sometimes you can see how World of Warcraft would look like if it were a game in the 1990s:


On to the pressing matters – all my toons were quite busy with starting questline. Even with previously described shortcuts it’s pretty long, and yet I’m close to the finish. I could have finished it yesterday, but I’ve decided to do other things too (like alt leveling) just to make the routines diverse. Still, I’m almost there:

January 23


January 27


Before Ny’alotha I need to finalize Pins’ adventure and have yet another run for Anibell, and we’re good to go. I’m doing that today and forget about the questlines for a while!

It is extremely comforting that with 4 new gear pieces during starting questline (two 430 for assaults, one 440 corruption tutorial wrists and 470 cloak) I’m easily stepping over the 410 ilvl threshold on every toon.

Finally, I did some minor leveling via both questing and dungeons – Kalaari the Draenei Survivalist went 46 -> 48 and Jakatti the Vulpera Firestarter 29 -> 40.

Upon Wednesday reset starts my most usual WoW routine. With major questlines done, it’s raid queues as a main course, and dailies/assaults to while away the time. The most excellent thing about this is that I’m in absolutely no rush, and giving away LFR sets in the open world only simplifies the matters for me. I’m coming for Ny’alotha 100% prepared, relaxed and smiling :)


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