Patch 8.3. Starting Questline: Shortcut Guide for Alts

The starting questline for Visions of N’Zoth is extremely long and is played through for several hours. The following guide will provide several shortcuts and optimization of your alt ways to gain the fastest access to the Wrathion’s cloak and endgame of Horrific Visions and Uldum/Vale assaults.


Part 1: Halls of Origination

  • Talk to Valeera in Great Seal / Anduin in Stormwind Keep to start and skip the cinematic.
  • If Alliance, walk with Magni and give him the hammer, then proceed to Heart Chamber.
  • If Horde, proceed to Heart Chamber.
  • Take a portal to Uldum and fly to Halls of Origination
  • Talk to Magni, accept the quest.
  • DON’T go into the dungeon. Talk to Magni again and skip the whole scenario. Give in Magni’s quest on spot, proceed to King Phaoris. 
  • Complete the current Uldum assault.

Tip: take daily quests, but don’t do them. You will use them to go to the current active areas with many players – in that case you may hang around and simply tag the mobs instead of killing them on your own. Also try to do events – the crossed swords on mini-map. These two activities provide the fastest assault completion.

  • Give in assault quest and return to Heart Chamber.

Part 2: Engine of Nalak’sha

  • Do quests and dialogues in Heart Chamber.
  • Go to Stormwind/Orgrimmar portal room and teleport to Jade Forest.
  • Fly to Mogu’shan Vaults entrance for quest. I recommend direct flight for the Horde players and either Zoushin Village or Temple of White Tiger taxi for the Alliance.
  • Fly to Mogu’shan Palace in the Vale – I recommend direct flight.
  • Go and kill any mogu for quest item, then find Rajani.
  • Complete current Vale assault – same tips, no dailies.
  • Take the Engine quest from Ra-Den.
  • DON’T go anywhere. Talk to Ra-Den again to skip the scenario. Talk to him again to teleport to Heart Chamber.

Part 3: Wrathion and His Cloak Ashkhrjsdsamajshwgh

  • Take Heart Chamber -> KT/Z -> Capital -> Uldum portals and fly to Halls of Reorigination.
  • Walk with Magni, reach the N’Zoth eye cluster across the sandy field, click it. Don’t do anything, simply wait till your sanity runs out. You’re teleported back to the Chamber.
  • Talk to Wrathion and take portals to your capital. Reach Blackrock Mountain via direct flight from Stormwind if you’re Alliance, or Orgimmar -> Stranglethorn -> Blackrock if you’re Horde. Horde can use either direct zeppelin or Ogrimmar -> Tirisfal -> Zidormi -> Stranglethorn portals.
  • Complete Wrathion scenario. You cannot skip this one as you will have to loot quest item in the end.
  • After “elevator boss” and talk with Wrathion you should walk left side first, because Wrathion will always run right and clear a bunch of mobs for you on his own!
  • After you looted the black dragon scale, wait out the dialogues and take a direct pink dragon taxi from the area and straight to the Chamber.
  • Equip the brand new cloak, talk to MOTHER to teleport back to Halls of Reorigination.
  • Complete the small scenario – always run forward and kill everything that bothers you on the way (except for a walking Faceless elite).
  • Use local teleport and get back to Chamber.

Part 4: Horrific Visions of N’Zoth

  • Take Heart Chamber -> KT/Z -> Capital portals and go to current Black Empire invasions zone: either Uldum or Vale.
  • Click on the very same eye cluster to enter a minor vision. The major quest is complete, so you may skip daily current goal and click the cluster again to leave it.
  • Return to Chamber.
  • Talk to Wrathion and MOTHER to activate Horrific Visions portal.
  • Purchase a HV vessel from Wrathion.
  • Start a Horrific Vision and leave it if you’re not in the mood to run around.
  • Complete the final showdown in the Chamber: fill the bar and try your best to reduce the number of your deaths in the process (although it’s nigh impossible)
  • Take the final quest from Magni – kill N’Zoth in the raid :)

There, now you have: 

  • Legendary cloak from Wrathion.
  • Two or three 430+ gear items.
  • Access to Horrific Visions and a vessel for an extra attempt.
  • Access to assaults.

Enjoy your endgame!


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